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Is Sharebay a barter site?

No. You don’t have to reciprocate with the person you transact with, and in fact we advise against it. Sharebay uses an implicit trade system where acts are not necessarily reciprocated by the same person or to the same value. If you give something away today, tomorrow you may find something that you need from someone who gives it to you. Think of it as a ‘walled community’ of sharers where favours are reciprocated over time.

Why should I give my stuff away for free?

Sharebay seeks to facilitate alternative ways of doing business and getting resources outside the traditional trade model. Trade demands that you exchange like for like with the person you trade with. This is not always easy and can be limiting. Sharebay employs an ‘implicit trading’ model, where, because you are part of a larger community of sharers, your acts of generosity will be reciprocated later and by someone else.

What if someone profits from my generosity?

The vast majority of users on Sharebay are people who genuinely want to help or who need help. Also, we have various safeguards in place to ensure that members adhere to their original registration pledge. Suspicious users and listings can be reported by anyone. When numerous reports are received their data is take down immediately.

However, it’s always advisable to check any user’s profile and transaction record before you choose to deal with them.

What is the Transaction Record and why is it important?

Sharebay operates on reputation. Every time you complete a transaction, it gets added to the Public Transaction Record. The transaction record just shows who gave, who got, what they got and when they got it. This record is important to help users gain site reputation, and help users make informed decisions about who they deal with on the site. You can see the Public Transaction Record of a specific user by clicking on the green/red arrow scores displayed under the name in their profile or listing.

Every user also has a Personal Transaction Record where they can see the status of all their previous transactions, including pending and cancelled transactions. This record only visible to you.

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