How it works

Sharebay is a free, community-powered library of anything!

You can enjoy free goods and services from any member and give or lend goods and services too. It operates under one simple principle: Give what you can; take what you need.

Give what you can, take what you need

It's completely free to use, and is run by a bunch of people who just think we can do better than keep endlessly buying things when we can crowd-source them instead! We say 'Let's shop less and share more!' It's good for us, our communities and our planet!

To get started, just create an account, make your first listing and start sharing and enjoying goods and services with other members. It really is that simple.

The Transaction Record

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Sharebay counts and logs every sharing transaction that happens. This transaction record is public and helps to protect members. Each completed transaction is recorded as a ‘gave’ and ‘got’ score to the giver and receiver respectively. This total is displayed alongside every user’s name using the symbols. Clicking or tapping on these symbols opens that user's own transaction record.

The transaction record helps you decide who you want to share with. For example, you may prefer not to share with a member who has received 20 times, but given nothing. Or maybe you don’t mind. The point is, the transaction record helps you make an informed choice about who you’re dealing with.

When you contact a user via their listing page, a pending transaction is created. Both you and the other user then confirm each stage of the transaction until delivery of the item or service is confirmed by the beneficiary.

A transaction is not entered onto the public record until it has been completed, and can be cancelled at any time by either party prior to completion.



Honorpay is an independent award network that allows you to send virtual awards to demonstrate gratitude and appreciation to any other member.

A member's Honor score is displayed beside their transaction record. If you are especially pleased with a transaction, you can award the member an Honorpay on their profile page.

You can add a new Honorpay account when you register for Sharebay or link your existing account with the same email address. Find out more about Honorpay here.

Searching our site

You can search Sharebay inventory using the search bar at the top of every page. (TIP: Leaving the search bar empty will search for all listings) You can also restrict your search to a specific category.

You can filter your search to only search for offers, or requests, or even members.

If you're logged in and leave the search bar blank and sort by 'relevance', the search will try and find listings or members that match your profile.

Automatic translations

Because Sharebay is an international site, we have added optional automatic translations by Google. To set up translation, just set your preferred language and enable automatic translations in your Edit profile & settings page.

Please note that translation accuracy varies according to language

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