How it works

Sharebay is a completely free, goods and services sharing network.

Avail of thousands of free goods and services offered by members all over the world and offer yours too.

Free to use, and always will be

We don’t advertise, we don’t track you. There’s no catch—just a community of thoughtful people who believe that sharing goods and services is good for you, and good for the world.

How Sharebay is good for the world:

  • Reduces waste and encourages reuse of resources
  • Promotes collaboration and sharing
  • Builds connection and trust in local areas and around the world
  • Helps organise community programs
  • Helps you meet like-minded people in your area
  • Helps organise meetups, find friends and more with our map and member searching system
  • Supports an Open Access Economy. Find out more here.

Getting started

To get started, just create your account, make an offer listing and start sharing free goods and services with other members. That's it!

For best results, add as much information about yourself as you can, so we can better match you with things you might be interested in.

What to offer

You can offer anything on Sharebay as long as it is genuinely free, legal and yours to give. Please just respect our Do's and Don'ts guidelines →

You can also request an item or service that another member might be able to help you with.


  • Do offer complete, working items
  • Do offer services that you can provide to a reasonable standard
  • Be courteous and give timely responses to queries


  • Don't offer faulty or incomplete items unless issues or missing parts are clearly stated
  • Don't offer items or services that may be illegal in yours or the recipient’s country
  • Don't use Sharebay to advertise paid products or services †
  • Don't offer items or services that may cause offence or bring Sharebay.org into disrepute *

If you’re not sure what to offer, check out our listing templates for some commonly offered items and services.

† You may post offers that promote a paid product as long as the item on offer is fully free.
* Offers that do meet these criteria will be removed, and members may be banned from the site.

The Transaction Record

Sharebay logs every transaction that happens. This transaction record is public and helps to ensure transparency and trust on the site. Each completed transaction is recorded as a ‘gave’ and ‘got’ score to giver and receiver respectively. These totals are displayed in every member’s profile page, along with a link to view their site transactions.

The Trust Score, Transaction Record and offer counters help you make an informed choice about who you want to share or have contact with.

The transaction system works like this:

You request a member’s offer They are notified and a pending transaction is created
They agree to fulfill offer You are notified and transaction is updated
You confirm delivery of item or service They are notified and a completed transaction is registered

In the case of responding to a request, it’s slightly different:

You offer to fulfill request They are notified and a pending transaction is created
They agree for you to fulfill request You are notified and transaction is updated
You fulfill request They are notified and transaction is updated
They confirm delivery You are notified and a completed transaction is registered

A pending transaction can be cancelled at any time by either member.



Sharebay uses HonorPay - an independent award app that allows you to send virtual awards to show your gratitude and appreciation to any other member. 

When you register for Sharebay, you have the option to create a linked HonorPay account as well. HonorPay is a free service and you can log in using the same email and password as for Sharebay. Find out more about HonorPay here.

A member's Honor score is displayed beside their name. If you are especially pleased with a transaction, you can award the member an Honor via their profile page.

Member safety

There are a number of measures that we use to make our site as safe as possible for members:

NB When arranging to meet other members to collaborate or exchange goods, be sensible at all times. Arrange to meet in a public place, or bring someone with you. Never meet someone you don’t know alone in a strange place.

Automatic translations

Because Sharebay is an international site, we have added optional automatic translations by Google. To set up translation, just set your preferred language and enable automatic translations in your Edit profile & settings page.

Note: Accuracy of translations vary according to language.

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