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Somerville, Massachusetts, United States

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My goal is to create a global network of community spaces that act as interdependent, bottom-up, emergent solutions-generators that work to use available resources to serve everyone's needs, so that we can all be our best possible selves.

I have also found a simple-to-explain mathematical theory of everything (ToE), related to Pascal's triangle, that explains how the laws of nature create all of our reality, and I use that map to help solve problems in all areas of life.

Tags: · teacher · artist · philsopher · organizer · futurist · raw foodist · vegan · bicyclist · gardener · problem solver · non-profit · counselor

Turil's current listings

Philosophy: Explore the Ultimate Purpose — Using current physics and math and a bit of psychology, I offer workshops and small group sessions for all-ages where we explore the simple structure of reality and how it creates everything. This is a fun and possibly life-changing perspective on reality that nearly all will enjoy. I'm willing to bring this workshop nearly anywhere if you help me get transportation and housing!

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