Lisa Newlin

Madison, INDIANA, United States
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I'd like to start meet-ups in Madison, Indiana - to form an in-person group. Contact me if you're nearby and interested in any of my listed topics.

Tags: · human design · gene keys · homeopathy · bach flower remedies · life coach · wellness · crystals · earthships · sustainable · package-free · lawoftime

Lisa's current listings

Sabian Symbol Reading
Sabian Symbol Reading for One Question
I Ching Yarrow Stick Reading
One I Ching Yarrow Stick Reading with personal analysis.
Crystal Prescription
A personalized PRESCRIPTION for crystal bead jewelry - necklace, bracelet, anklet, earrings.
Human Design Initial Reading
A Basic Introduction (20 minutes) to your Authentic Self -- who you are designed to be. Heal the Earth by first healing your Self. Who Are You? [The Free Earth Collective]

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