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Simon Dabbicco Stripes

Rivalta di Torino, Piemonte, Italy

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About me

Hello, my name is Simon,
I am from Italy and like many of you I advocate an RBE economy 'Resource Based-Economy'.

As you can imagine, I watched all the documentaries from the Venus Project and I was deeply inspired by Jacque Fresco scientific way of thinking.

I'd like to do whatever I can to educate others about the advantages of a non-competitive, cooperative and sharing economy-system.

I volunteer wherever I can (especially around Europe, I am the FOUNDER of (a platform about volunteering exchanges & free hospitality) and (Italian website about alternative ways of travel and living).

I can't wait to cooperate with you for a freer world!

Tags: · venus project · freegan · travel · music · technocracy · futurism · science · anthropology · vegan · documentary · ethology · astronomy · blog · wordpress

Simon's current listings

REQUEST: Articles about volunteerism, alternative living, sharing economy — I am looking for articles to publish on a couple of website I manage: (slow travelling)
Advice on walking paths in the northwest of Italy — I know many walking paths in the mountain and the countryside of the northwest of Italy.
REQUEST: Social media, webmaster, graphics, editor, writers — is an online project featuring volunteering opportunities around the world for free. I am looking for different professional (or non-professional) figures to help me support this project and all the NGOs that are affiliated on it. Social media writers, influencers, graphic designers, wordpress expert, marketing experts, fundraisers, editor, proofreaders and travel writers are very welcome to participate! Thanks for reading this message and I hope to hear from you soon. [email protected]
REQUEST: Cookies&Privacy Banner - Wordpress — Hello, I have no clue about setting a Cookies Alert Banner on my WordPress website and I'd like somebody to help me install it and teach me all the necessary requirements to have a legal website. Feel free to contact me [email protected]

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