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The friendly neighbourhood tech guy.

My rules for my listing responses:

For some listings i may not respond to based on the reputation metrics in your Sharebay profile and how well i know you. You may get some ignored responses if your site reputation is too low and/or you haven’t provided enough information about yourself in your profile.

How i handle lending something to you:

Some of my listings are available on loan, this means i grant you license to use them until the agreed time you should return them. Unreturned items may affect your ability to gain site reputation and your ability to respond to future listings.

If you wish to show your appreciation for a completed offer you may:

- Send Numero of any amount of your choosing to my recipient account: 465 with NumeroSet.net just follow site instructions to sign up and you will receive free Numero to begin sending.

- Send an honor on HonorPay.org to me if you especially like something i've offered you

Tags: · resource based economy · computer repair · acting · gaming · problem solver · linux · making videos · organic food · climate change · introvert · infp · open access economy · pandas · health · linux mint · photography

Justin's current listings

Sahara DVD
John Wick Chapter 3 Blu-Ray
John Wick Blu-Ray
Surrogates Blu-Ray
Citizen Kane DVD — Region 1 DVD so may not work on all DVD players. Check if your DVD/Blu-Ray player can play it before responding. Can confirm it works with VLC media player software on a PC running Linux Mint.
Road to Perdition DVD
No Country For Old Men DVD
3/4 Denim Shorts - Size Waist 34
Linux Format Disc — This disc contains Ubuntu 19.10 64-bit, Xubuntu 19.10 64-bit and NixOS 19.09 32-bit.
Linux Format Disc — This disc contains Linux Mint 19 Cinnamon 64-bit, Linux Mint 19 Mate 32-bit and Q4OS 2.5 64-bit.
Linux Format Disc — This disc contains Manjaro 17.1 XFCE 64-bit, Arch 32 2018.02 32-bit, ArchLabs 2018.03 64-bit and Arch Pi 32-bit for Pi 2/3.
Band of Brothers Blu-Ray Set — All parts to Band of Brothers on Blu-Ray disc.
REQUEST: Cabbage — If you are growing / giving away any unwanted Cabbage and live in the Skegness area, let me know thanks. Has to be green / white variety and organically grown without chemicals.
Change starts with us - Blog — Every action we take defines the future we want to build. So help us define it right here on sites like Sharebay. Every sharing transaction is another win for the planet, through building community connections and acting as good stewards of finite resources for the environment to reduce waste, and more of our things ending up in landfills. Every monetary transaction is another vote for more of the same: - More politics and politicians that doesn't care about us - More companies that pretend to care but just want your money and don't really care about us - More wars and territorial disputes - More loneliness and isolation in a world where people have never felt more isolated So change starts with us.. To learn more, visit the How it works tab or click: Sharebay.org/how-it-works Thank you for reading! And enjoy sharing!
Linux Format Disc — This disc contains Linux Mint 20.1 Cinnamon 64-bit and Sparky Linux 5.14 LXQT 32-bit.
Windows computer tech support — I am offering Windows computer tech support for the Skegness area.
Black Shirt - Size Small — Burtons Menswear London brand black shirt in size small and is a stretch slim fit.
Grey T-Shirt - Size Small
Pink T-Shirt - Size Medium
Black T-Shirt - Size Small
Yellow Shirt - Size Small
Independence Day: Resurgence Blu-Ray — Independence Day: Resurgence on Blu-Ray disc.
Man of Steel Blu-Ray — Man of Steel movie on Blu-Ray disc.
Star Trek First Contact DVD
Watch Dogs - PS4 Version
The Day The Earth Stood Still DVD
Monsters Ball DVD
Max Payne Blu-Ray
Black Shirt -Size Small — Cedar Wood State branded shirt in size small.
Yellow T-Shirt - Size Small — Burton Menswear London brand T-Shirt in size small.
Pink T-Shirt - Size Medium
3/4 Denim Shorts - Size Waist 30
Black T-Shirt — Unknown size, but i think it’s a size small.
Star Trek T-Shirt — Not sure on the size but it’s no bigger than a size medium.
Transcendence Blu-Ray
Spider-Man Homecoming Blu-Ray
Help with building a computer — If you need any assistance putting parts in your computer, i may be able to help.
Apocalypse Now Redux DVD — Directors cut edition of Apocalypse Now on DVD.
Wanted DVD
Batman Forever DVD
Batman Returns DVD
Unbreakable DVD — Unbreakable Bruce Willis movie on DVD. 2 disc collector’s edition.
Fruit trees located here [No-Reply Listing] — Trees growing free fruit off of briar way and kennedy ave in Skegness is located here. (Check map)
Iron Man Blu-Ray — Iron Man movie on Blu-Ray disc.
Skegness food bank [No-Reply Listing] — Local food bank located at the storehouse. (Check map for location) Social media posts for new requests of needed items: https://www.facebook.com/skegnesscommunitylarder For further information: https://www.thestorehouse.co.uk/skegness-food-bank
Star Trek: Beyond Blu-Ray — Star Trek: Beyond on Blu-Ray disc.
Scarface DVD — Scarface movie on DVD. 2 disc special edition.
The League Of Extraordinary Gentleman DVD — The League Of Extraordinary Gentleman movie on DVD.
Star Trek 2: The Wrath Of Khan (1982) DVD — Star Trek 2 movie on DVD.
Passengers DVD — Passengers movie on DVD.
The Truman Show DVD — The Truman Show on DVD.
Prometheus DVD — Prometheus movie on DVD.
Size 30R Shorts — Shorts in size 30 regular.
Logan DVD — Logan movie on DVD.
Hitman (2007) DVD — Hitman (2007) movie on DVD.
The Other Boleyn Girl DVD — The Other Boleyn Girl movie on DVD.
Superman 1&2 DVD Boxset — Classic Superman boxset containing the first and second movies starring Christoper Reeve on DVD.
The Best That Money Can’t Buy Book — The Best That Money Can’t Buy Book by Jacque Fresco available to borrow, you can return it when your done reading.
The New Human Rights Movement Book — The New Human Rights Movement Book by Peter Joseph available to borrow, you can bring it back when your done reading.
Dallas Buyers Club Blu-Ray — Dallas Buyers Club movie on Blu-Ray disc.
Paddington dvd — Paddington movie on dvd.
John Wick Chapter 2 Blu-Ray — John Wick 2 movie on Blu-Ray disc available to borrow.
Suicide Squad Blu-Ray — Suicide Squad movie on Blu-Ray disc.
The 5th Wave Blu-Ray — The 5th Wave movie on Blu-Ray disc.
The notebook dvd — The notebook movie on dvd.
Blue jeans — Raphael Valencino brand jeans in blue, size is 34S.
REQUEST: Original Xbox / Xbox 360 games — If you have any Xbox 360 games or games for the original 2001 Xbox and you live around Skegness / Lincolnshire, let me know thanks.
Permanent Marker — Need to borrow a permanent marker? I have one.
Ross Digital Stereo Headphones — Ross brand digital stereo headphones in good working order. Requires 3.5mm stereo headphone jack on your device to work with it.
Linux Format Disc — This disc contains Ubuntu 19.04 64-bit and Fedora 30 64-bit.
Photography — I can take a photo for you.
Linux technical support — I am currently offering support for english speaking members for Linux sound and graphical problems such as issues related to screen tearing or sound not playing correctly. I also offer support on ways of how to start a Linux application such as appimages if you are struggling, but please due to potential time wasters, only respond to this listing if you have at least a moderate technical skill and can follow instructions such as the ability to rename files, and is not afraid to use the Linux terminal to modify files and back them up if necessary.

Note: To enquire about one of Justin's listings, please use the form on the listing page, otherwise your transaction may not be recorded.

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