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Justin Richards Stripes 11

Skegness, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

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About me


The friendly neighbourhood tech guy. Love to share what i know. And i write about my thoughts on the world sometimes too though i don't always respond to everybody, especially if i don't know you or if you lack any kind of way i can get to know you, such as a ledger showing your past deeds to other people or through some form of reputation accounting.

What i do right now:

I am currently a co-admin for Sharebay previously known as 'freeworlder'.

Skills & Abilities:

Rated/Graded 1-10

Computer Repair - Total level grade based on average: 8

Capabilities of computer repair -

- Operating system reinstallation (Windows and Linux): 9
- Replacing computer components: 7

Photography - Total level grade based on average: 8

Capabilities of photography -

- Taking photos with smartphone: 8
- Editing photos with smartphone: 8

Video creation & Filmmaking - Total level grade based on average: 8

Capabilities of this skillset -

- Shooting and recording with smartphone: 9
- Video editing: 7

Coding/Programming - Total level grade based on average: 2.5

Capabilities of this skillset -

- Manipulating and adding new text to existing project: 2
- Reverse engineering an existing project: 3

Beta testing - Total level grade based on average: 9

- Testing websites for bugs: 9
My rules for my listing responses:

For some listings i may not respond to based on the reputation metrics in your Sharebay profile and how well i know you.

You may get some ignored responses if your site reputation is too low and/or you haven’t provided enough information about yourself in your profile.

How i handle lending something to you:

Some of my listings are available on loan, this means i grant you the ability to use them until the agreed time you should return them.

Unreturned items may affect your ability to gain site reputation, your ability to respond to future listings and may result in a poor review and rating of my transaction experience with you.

If you wish to show your appreciation to me for a completed offer you may:

- Leave a review of your transaction experience with me in your 'My Reviews' section of Sharebay, and in return i will strive to do one for you.

- Send an honor on to me if you especially like something i've offered you.

- Send with any amount of Numero of your choosing to my account: Recipient 465. Just follow site instructions to sign up and you will receive free Numero to begin sending.

Tags: · resource based economy · computer repair · acting · gaming · problem solver · linux · making videos · organic food · climate change · introvert · infp · open access economy · pandas · health · linux mint · photography · katie melua · james blunt

Justin's current listings

Receipt of benefit - Double bed mattress delivery — Only respond to this listing if you have benefited from this item/service. Respond to this listing to create a transaction record for the item/service as completed.
Receipt of benefit - Double bed mattress — Only respond to this listing if you have benefited from this item/service. Respond to this listing to create a transaction record for the item/service as completed.
Sony Monitor (dropped off at larger Heart Foundation charity shop in Skegness) — This offer listing is both for myself for tracking where i dropped it off to and for those looking for such a monitor and wondering where they can get one. The monitor is tilted on it's side on it's stand and can tilt so it is facing directly upwards. Is the kind of monitor used by a receptionist for under an information point kiosk or a checkout table. Model name is SDM-X52 TFT LCD 15" and accepts VGA cable connection with a 1024x768 resolution. VGA and power cables included. Review the map for approximate dropoff location. Heart Foundation stores are located on Lumley Road in Skegness.
Knowledge of how to use Share Points on Sharebay - Blog — Share Points on Sharebay are useful for helping site viewers and members understand where an item or service is located and what it is about. All Share Points display on the Sharebay map and you can filter the map to show just Share Points by unticking all options on the map and ticking 'Share Points'. For example you can use them for providing - - Knowledge of where an item is dropped off to (such as a charity shop or library) - Knowledge of free item or service locations and name of the item or service that anyone you see on your travels is offering (such as items left outside of houses or businesses, free food available at shopping places, and plants growing free to pick food) Listings placed under the Share Points category are also non-transactable listings, but restricting the listing to a higher trust level requirement still restricts who can respond privately to the listing.
Healing from health issues, weight loss, disease prevention with Blood Type Diet — I go here to check which foods could bring health or could be potentially bad for me: I have not had a blood typing test to find out my blood type but through keeping a food diary and with trial and error, i believe i've had some success with this diet removing problematic lectins (problem foods) for blood type O+ alongside going organic. Lost about 4 inches from the waist line dropping from UK jeans waist size 34 to 30, and managed to get rid of a mysterious skin rash i've had off and on on my back bugging me for about two years. I didn’t have the major rash return for about six months and only seems to if i’m not strict with avoiding problem foods/chemicals. So this diet seems to be helpful, but after this time i am currently experimenting to see which UK brands of non-organic O+ blood type neutral and beneficial foods cause no reaction to me. Something i’m doing as i’ve been on an organic diet too for such a long time as i am testing for pesticide reactions also. Still suffering from some symptoms such as intermittent mood highs and lows with increased sensitivity to stress. This is possibly the withdrawals i'm getting from the detox and as my body heals and attempts to come back into a healthy balance, but i hope the free information provided here at the link helps you in anyway too. I suspect i could be O+ in part since my mother is also O+ blood type. And most people apparently have this blood group. If you find me sharing this information here about the blood type diet has helped you too in anyway, i would like to hear from you. Link to testimonials for people that found success on the blood type diet:
Starlight meet-up point for healing, mediumship and sharing Sharebay listings [No-Reply Listing] — There is a church/spiritual service with the Starlight Spiritual Group at the Skegness Junior Rugby Club on Wainfleet Road in Skegness. I have designated this as a point where you can meet up to share your goods and services with other Sharebay members. There is also carol singing, hands-on healing and mediumship services happening here usually every fortnight on a sunday unless otherwise mentioned in an announcement. Visit the Starlight group website for more information: Link to Starlight FB group for latest events, announcements and queries:
Change starts with us - Blog — Every action we take defines the future we want to build. So help us define it right here on sites like Sharebay. Every sharing transaction is another win for the planet, through building community connections and acting as good stewards of finite resources for the environment to reduce waste, and more of our things ending up in landfills. Every monetary transaction is another vote for more of the same: - More politics and politicians that doesn't care about us - More companies that pretend to care but just want your money and don't really care about us - More wars and territorial disputes - More loneliness and isolation in a world where people have never felt more isolated So change starts with us.. To learn more, visit the How it works tab or click: Thank you for reading! And enjoy sharing!
REQUEST: Food drop off point in Hildreds Centre in Skegness for food bank [No-Reply Listing] — Located in Skegness Hildreds centre at rear entrance near car park. (Check map for location) Skegness food bank social media page to keep up to date with latest requests of needed items: For further information about food bank:
REQUEST: Skegness food bank needs these items [No-Reply Listing] — Skegness food bank social media page to keep up to date with latest requests of needed items: The food bank is located at the storehouse on the sea front. (Check map for location) For further information:
Skegness food bank information and location [No-Reply Listing] — Local food bank located at the storehouse on the sea front. (Check map for location) For further information:
REQUEST: Thorny hedges needs cutting — It's becoming dangerous on the pathways next to the Hildreds centre car park area down Lawn Ave and Beresford Ave roads. The hedges need cutting due to plants with lots of thorns growing. You can easily accidentally hurt a small child in a pram. If anyone working for the Hildreds centre reads this, this needs reporting to whoever responsible for maintaining the grounds thanks.
REQUEST: Batteries, printer cartridges, energy saving bulbs recycled [No-Reply Listing] — Batteries, printer ink cartridges and energy saving light bulbs can be recycled at Tesco Skegness.
REQUEST: Dog food for Keith's Rescue Dogs [No-Reply Listing] — Dog food donation drop off point provided at Tesco Skegness.
REQUEST: Donations to Keith's Rescue Dogs Charity Shop [No-Reply Listing] — Shop located on Lumley Road, Skegness. Item donations welcomed. Don’t respond to this listing, just drop off your items at the shop.
REQUEST: Food for food bank drop off point at Tesco Skegness — Located at Tesco Skegness. Check map for location.
REQUEST: Clothes hangers [No-Reply Listing] — Clothes hangers can be dropped off at a reuse point at Tesco Skegness if you no longer want them.
REQUEST: Cat food for Cats Protection charity [No-Reply Listing] — Cat food donation drop off point provided at Tesco Skegness.
Fruit trees located here [No-Reply Listing] — Trees growing free fruit off of briar way and kennedy ave in Skegness is located here. (Check map)
Call of Duty 3 Xbox 360 game — When your done playing it, file that you want to return it to me by visiting and responding to the listing in this link to engage the return process: Doing so ensures a transaction is recorded that the item was returned to me, so i know where it is, and so i can send you a positive review for returning and your Sharebay reputation will be boosted. Thank you.
REQUEST: Call of Duty 3 Xbox 360 game (Returns listing) — Respond to this returns listing to return the item in this link to me:
Call of Duty 3 Xbox 360 game — Free to keep for a Sharebay member who is a prolific two stripe/silver rated member.
The notebook dvd (Now donated to Keith’s charity shop) [No-Reply Listing] — Check in shop if it’s still there if you want it. (cheap) Charity website for more information:
analyze this DVD (Now donated to Keith’s charity shop) [No-Reply Listing] — Check in shop if it’s still there if you want it. (cheap)
The Other Boleyn Girl DVD (Now donated to Keith’s charity shop) [No-Reply Listing] — Check in shop if it’s still there if you want it. (cheap)
No Country For Old Men DVD (Now donated to Keith’s charity shop) [No-Reply Listing] — Check in shop if it’s still there if you want it. (cheap)
The A-Team DVD (Donated to Keith’s Rescue Dogs Charity Shop) [No-Reply Listing]
Citizen Kane DVD (Now at Keith’s Rescue Dogs Charity Shop) [No-Reply Listing] — Region 1 DVD so may not work on all DVD players. Check if your DVD/Blu-Ray player can play it before responding. Can confirm it works with VLC media player software on a PC running Linux Mint.
Shoppers can now recycle all their soft plastic packaging at every large Tesco [No-Reply Listing] — Article for more information:
Athena (Tomb Raider fan film) [No-Reply Listing] — Link to Athena short fan film by Kate Sykes and starring Kate Davies Speak as Lara Croft: If you like the film, like it at the link to show your support.
Why we use transaction recordings - blog [No-Reply Listing] — In light of popular sharing website helpfulpeeps now shutting down and further improvements recently made to Sharebay: The new 5 star rating system: The new value metric: This one i felt was an important point to write about. Why a lot of the unsuccessful alternative economic ideas and sharing websites fail to grow and stay afloat (or at least successfully demonstrate growth was made) is because they don't keep a recording of what happened between participating parties when something was shared. There is an underlying reason as to why capitalism and traditional trading has been so successful - a transaction is always there, and while the meaning behind the transaction isn't always recorded (especially if it was a physical monetary transaction), a transaction still took place thus keeping score. The money received as a tool to now buy what you want provides a method to achieve an end - And that is the proven to work language of capitalism. If you don't believe me, all you have to do is check your online bank account ledger of where your money went to, or your ever decreasing savings in your local piggy bank for proof. 🐖🪙😉 All societies that work well (or at least for the most part) and continue to build forward, engage in economic transactions. They provide a kind of glue that keeps that society going and act like an underlying language to form how your society works, whether it be it's morals, it's rules or it's politics to follow, and to keep track of what happened if things weren't performing so optimally, or to a desired standard of the stewards of that societies economy and it's overall operation. A good example of this might be the movie Passengers. Anyone he's seen Passengers will remember a sequence where Laurence Fishburne's character attempts to understand why the ship failed, and the crew was beginning to wake up early from their pods as the rest of them slept travelling through space. The movie demonstrated this through a tracking mechanism built into the ship displayed holographically so you could see when the problems started and it's details. Knowing what happened then allows you to make decisions. If things are going well, there may be no need to act. If things aren't, the recordings of what went wrong and when guide your next decisions, and so thus build trust that what you're doing between all parties involved is either working out or not. There is no way that humans can store that much information of what happened and forever remember it all inside our meagre monkey brains 🐒🐵, so we use external tools to help us. To track where things have gone, and to help us to understand where we might be going. Traditionally that's been through money and trading accounting, but as many here are increasingly learning, money and trade combine together to create capitalism which creates zero sum game simulations where there is always a winner and a loser, thus conditioning people into scarcity based (i have to lose or compete against my fellow human in order to gain) type thinking. So the difference between this and what were doing on sites like Sharebay is, we are providing that glue i alluded to earlier. But instead of using it for monetary transactions, we are now accounting for sharing one's between people, essentially capturing the potential trust that was built between giver and receiver - And to remind us of this through the recording kept. And now with ideas like Sharebay's new review system, we can capture that trust further by the transaction being extended through feedback from those involved in the transaction, and improve on what went wrong for future transactions. Enjoy your day, enjoy Sharebay's new features, i hope you learned something and thank you for reading!
Odysee - A YouTube alternative [No-Reply Listing] — is a YouTube alternative that also rewards both it's viewers and content creators in LBC, you might be interested in. LBC can be transferred from site member to member to show your support.
If you’re looking for a movie, read this [No-Reply Listing] — If you’re looking for a movie you don’t see me or anyone else has, post a request for it and if i have it, i will get back to you if we can reach each other and don’t live too far away. I have many movies on dvd and blu-ray (not copies) but haven’t gotten around to listing them all.
Old software, media and games downloads [No-Reply Listing] — I get old software like a game disc i need from If you use Windows, you can mount the iso/cue file to a game using alcohol 120% as an alternative to burning it to a disc, or if your computer doesn’t have a disc drive or virtual disc mounting capabilities already included in the operating system:
Spider-Man trilogy Blu-ray box set — Just let me know when you’re returning it, and i will leave a positive review on our transaction that you did so.
Crysis Maximum Edition — Includes Crysis PC game and additions: Crysis Warhead and Crysis Wars. For comparison of what money you're saving on Sharebay: Free here on Sharebay to a two stripe prolific contributor. Digital version on Steam, £24.99: Physical version on Amazon UK, £29.99:
Ghost Whisperer Season 2 DVD Boxset
Composite to scart adapter
Samsung in-ear headphones
In-ear headphones — In great condition and never been used, i think it also comes with a mic.
AC adapter to power unknown device — If you think this may be for something you need, respond to this listing. Available to collect in Skegness.
Wanted DVD (now dropped off at Keith’s charity shop) — Updated this listing to give information that it is now at Keith's Rescue Dogs charity shop in Skegness incase you are still looking for it, and to keep track of where it went.
Usb to unknown connector type cable — If you think you might have a device that needs this connector type. Let me know. Available to collect in Skegness.
Usb to unknown connector type cable — Not sure what device this cable is for, but if you think it might fit your device and you need it, let me know. Available to collect in Skegness.
Ethernet cables
Dinosaur head sensor shield — For the older dinosaur toy from Wowwee. If you’re missing the head sensor shield, i have a spare available to collect.
Aux and composite to aux and composite cable — Cable for getting audio and video from an older device to TV with composite and aux connections.
Logitech AC adapter — For unknown device. Possibly fits a speaker system. Check the picture and let me know if you may find a use for it.
Scart cables
Clarks active air branded sandals - UK size 9
Clarks branded sandals - UK size 9
The Day The Earth Stood Still DVD
REQUEST: Freeview Set Top Box — After one that ideally records, pauses and rewinds. With Freeview HD channel and HDMI connector support if possible. If you have one even if it's a basic or older one that doesn't do these and you live around the Skegness area, let me know thanks.
The Secret Book — I have a hard copy if any contributing member to Sharebay in the Skegness area is interested.
REQUEST: 2gb DDR1 Laptop ram — For an old Advent netbook. Model 4489.
TP-LINK 54Mbps Cardbus for laptops — Enables your laptop to have WI-FI if it doesn’t have it and has the appropriate cardbus slot to accept this card. You can come and collect it but no deliveries.
USB 2.0 Cardbus for laptops — A reader that enables your laptop to detect and read from USB devices if your laptop doesn’t have any USB ports. You can come and collect it if you want it but no deliveries.
James Bond Spectre DVD
Photography — If i know you and you live in the Skegness area, i can take a photo for you.
Into The Wild DVD
Sahara DVD
Surrogates Blu-Ray
Road to Perdition DVD
Linux Format Disc — This disc contains Ubuntu 19.10 64-bit, Xubuntu 19.10 64-bit and NixOS 19.09 32-bit.
Linux Format Disc — This disc contains Linux Mint 19 Cinnamon 64-bit, Linux Mint 19 Mate 32-bit and Q4OS 2.5 64-bit.
Linux Format Disc — This disc contains Manjaro 17.1 XFCE 64-bit, Arch 32 2018.02 32-bit, ArchLabs 2018.03 64-bit and Arch Pi 32-bit for Pi 2/3.
Band of Brothers Blu-Ray Set — All parts to Band of Brothers on Blu-Ray disc.
REQUEST: Cabbage — If you are growing / giving away any unwanted Cabbage and live in the Skegness area, let me know thanks. Has to be green / white variety and organically grown without chemicals.
Linux Format Disc — This disc contains Linux Mint 20.1 Cinnamon 64-bit and Sparky Linux 5.14 LXQT 32-bit.
Windows computer tech support — I am offering Windows computer tech support for the Skegness area.
Independence Day: Resurgence Blu-Ray — Independence Day: Resurgence on Blu-Ray disc.
Man of Steel Blu-Ray — Man of Steel movie on Blu-Ray disc.
Star Trek First Contact DVD
Monsters Ball DVD
Max Payne Blu-Ray
Star Trek T-Shirt — Not sure on the size but it’s no bigger than a size medium.
Transcendence Blu-Ray
Spider-Man Homecoming Blu-Ray
Help with building a computer — If you need any assistance putting parts in your computer, i may be able to help.
Apocalypse Now Redux DVD — Directors cut edition of Apocalypse Now on DVD.
Batman Forever DVD
Batman Returns DVD
Unbreakable DVD — Unbreakable Bruce Willis movie on DVD. 2 disc collector’s edition.
Iron Man Blu-Ray — Iron Man movie on Blu-Ray disc.
Star Trek: Beyond Blu-Ray — Star Trek: Beyond on Blu-Ray disc.
Scarface DVD — Scarface movie on DVD. 2 disc special edition.
The League Of Extraordinary Gentleman DVD — The League Of Extraordinary Gentleman movie on DVD.
Star Trek 2: The Wrath Of Khan (1982) DVD — Star Trek 2 movie on DVD.
Passengers DVD — Passengers movie on DVD.
The Truman Show DVD — The Truman Show on DVD.
Prometheus DVD — Prometheus movie on DVD.
Logan DVD — Logan movie on DVD.
Hitman (2007) DVD — Hitman (2007) movie on DVD.
Superman 1&2 DVD Boxset — Classic Superman boxset containing the first and second movies starring Christoper Reeve on DVD.
The Best That Money Can’t Buy Book — The Best That Money Can’t Buy Book by Jacque Fresco available to borrow, you can return it when your done reading.
The New Human Rights Movement Book — The New Human Rights Movement Book by Peter Joseph available to borrow, you can bring it back when your done reading.
Dallas Buyers Club Blu-Ray — Dallas Buyers Club movie on Blu-Ray disc.
Paddington dvd — Paddington movie on dvd.
Suicide Squad Blu-Ray — Suicide Squad movie on Blu-Ray disc.
The 5th Wave Blu-Ray — The 5th Wave movie on Blu-Ray disc.
REQUEST: Original Xbox / Xbox 360 games — If you have any Xbox 360 games or games for the original 2001 Xbox and you live around Skegness / Lincolnshire, let me know thanks.
Linux Format Disc — This disc contains Ubuntu 19.04 64-bit and Fedora 30 64-bit.
Linux technical support — I am currently offering support for english speaking members for Linux sound and graphical problems such as issues related to screen tearing or sound not playing correctly. I also offer support on ways of how to start a Linux application such as appimages if you are struggling, but please due to potential time wasters, only respond to this listing if you have at least a moderate technical skill and can follow instructions such as the ability to rename files, and is not afraid to use the Linux terminal to modify files and back them up if necessary.

Note: To enquire about one of Justin's listings, please use the form on the listing page, otherwise your transaction may not be recorded.

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