Michael Webber

Broadbeach, Queensland, Australia
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Cause No Harm, Cause No Loss, Serve the Greatest Need.

I'm interested in making contact with anyone who is interested in building a resort/estate/community based on absolute abundance and the principles of a Resource Based Economy - particularly anyone on the Gold Coast and with Building Industry/Property Development experience.

Tags: · architect · gardener · listerner · walking in nature · handiman · visionary · rbe · rbe property development

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Simple Tapping counselling session. — Many years ago after learning and extensively using the EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), I met a fellow over the Internet who had developed a much simpler Tapping Technique. That technique I have now used for years both on myself and on others with outstanding success. It works particularly well to reduce, even eliminate stress, fear, anxiety, anger, etc. I am offering free sessions up to 50 minutes once every week. Sessions need to be done via Skype or similar video medium. You can

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