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Bondi Beach, New South Wales, Australia

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Not someone to fit into a box, Frederick Malouf settled to study architecture which set him off on a journey to explore synergies beyond personal and global self-imposed boundaries.

Travelling virtually moneyless for 10 years while seeing 39 countries and sailing across the Atlantic twice and completing a masters in design, he began a radio show, now called Theqse (pronounced ‘thesk') on Bondi Radio, to interview people in the sustainable space to discover why they did not collaborate, understanding it is the exchange model we use

He now researches how to drive status in creating sustainable abundance, the empowering excellence decision making process to make that feasible, rewrites business plans around crowdfinding over crowdfunding, and leverages fully reputation-based qualitative exchange to make the above possible, along with the journey of discovering self, and be supported to fully express this without fear or compromise.

I love you. :)

I also fly drones.

Tags: · radio · voiceover · sustainability · apple · being · mac · travel · design · architecture · food · restaurants · ambience · women · identity · no fear · freedom · motorcycles · drone · drone pilot

swoon's current listings

Voice Over Artist — Happy to do free voice over work for docos or spots for those wanting to change the world.
Drone Pilot — Happy to offer free drone filming for changemakers.

Note: To enquire about one of swoon's listings, please use the form on the listing page, otherwise your transaction may not be recorded.

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