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Bondi Beach, NSW, Australia

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Retired change maker. I'm better at flying drones.

Tags: · radio · voiceover · sustainability · apple · being · mac · travel · design · architecture · food · restaurants · ambience · women · identity · no fear · freedom · motorcycles · drone · drone pilot

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REQUEST: App developer[s] for free currency model that values creating sustainably. — Hi All, I'm working on a free currency model called BUXBE that values creating sustainably. Giftimg is the total empowerment of that, so BUXBE is a means for those stuck in usury/fiat/commodity currencies a clear to get out of that debt model to a neutral currency model. Read this for the synopsis of the structure and why it would work: https://buxbe.medium.com/there-can-be-only-one-30f9846e1f95. I have a great peer wanting to help develop it, but really need app developers to make it accessible. We'll have a website, too, but want to keep UI/UX consistent and not have a hack job. Backend is SQL, but need security options as it will record transactions securely. BUXBE has no commodity capacity nor is connected to any usury exchange. It can't as the price mechanism and volume/velocity of currency is totally outside quantitative wealth parameters everyone helplessly accepts. It's totally free to use. It has to be by the modelling, and this can't change in the future. I can't say I now own the bank after a certain period or whatever. It would make no practical sense to do that. Participants in BUXBE own the bank, ARE the bank. If I want people to not be owned by a bank, it's stupid to then say I own it. Totally stupid and pathetic. We have a spreadsheet on Google we'd like to transfer to the relevant app/website. Aren't many transactions, but it's the quality that matters! :) You can message here or just send me an email to [email protected] with your questions/interest. You will be paid in BUXBE for your work at B60/h, which is the mean rate, although this is flexible if market demands, as I and others are, so give your time as you wish to build it. In current economic blurb, I guess I'd call this a non-profit, but what it does do is empower NFPs, volunteers, charities, and FP businesses, a way out of being owned by debt owned by banks. Usury is designed to own people. BUXBE is about owning your self; the gap is intentional. Hit me up, see what it's about, and 1e can build from there. Hey, Colin, add Web/App Developer as a category! :)
Drone Pilot — Happy to offer free drone filming for change makers. I am qualified in Australia up to 7kg.
Voice Over Artist — Happy to do free voice over work for docos or spots for those wanting to change the world.

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