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Reus, Tarragona, Spain
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Mark RBE Enoch (facebook), Advertise the RBE (Minds, Steemit, Twitter)

Guerrilla advertising, DIY Transition Plan (Fostering generosity, prosocializing), Free Collaboration Networks, Counter PSYOP, Non-violent change and action, Spanish/French/Catalan/English

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Working at CPS (catalyzing a paradigm shift) for 10 years now. I am national coordinator of Spain and Catalonia. Founder of 2 Free Collaboration Networks that are currently providing free resources to hundreds of people, and of the Gift Economy discord server. Cofounder of Copiosis, Freeworldone, ECOS LETS network and Bank of the Commons.

Tags: · resource based economy · countersabotage · advertise the rbe · moneyfree network · paradigm shift catalyst · tzm · activist · community organizer

Mark's current listings

Wifi sin linea — Con una tarjeta SIM puedes crear una wifi
Network card — Usb 2.0, 50MBPS 20 dBi
Usb internet dongle — Com nou, affegeixes una tarjeta sim, l'endolles al un portatil i tens internet.
Sillo tou — Sillo comode per llegir
Tauleta de vidre amb rodes — En bon estat. Te rodes i dos pisos
Tauleta de café amb rodes — De fusta i metall. Té dos rallades en la superficia.
Cables varis — Diferents cables.
Cadira — Cadira de peluqueria. En bona estat. Gira sobre ella mateixa y es tova.
books — The New Human Rights Movement ebook
Tools — A variety of simple and power hand held tools
joc de taula — Pandemic Un joc de taula per adults col·laboratiu.
board games — Blockus is a geometry 2 to 4 player game The Fantastic Forest is a collaborative multiplayer game for young kids Incognito is a complex game for young adults.

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