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Mt Wellington, Auckland, New Zealand

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I'm Andreas, a German New Zealander liking the outdoors, mountains, ocean, fire, fire-wood splitting, running, kayaking, tennins, climbing, beer, Metallica and interested in and following / worrying about global politics and global economy both of which are [email protected]#ked and unsustainable.

Tags: · solo dad · ultraendurance runner · engineer · spiritual · oneness · power of now · metallica · anti mass surveillance

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1x Single Kayak ON LOAN — Hi there, I have 1x Single sit-on-top kayak (Viking) which you are welcome to borrow. I have an impact vests which provides some buoyancy but would prefer if you use a proper life-vest (not provided). You must have your own means of transport like a roof rack or trailer and necessary tie-downs (ratchet straps). Happy to discuss and agree a duration case-by-case. I will appreciate if you return it in the condition you pick it up, all gear rinsed with fresh water so others can enjoy them for years to come. It's not a proper fishing kayak but I use it for kayak-camping-trips so there is some storage capacity. I trust if any damage occurred, you'd let me know and we work it out. I hope and trust you won't mind me taking a photo of your number plate.

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