Hannah Thorsen

Austin, Texas, United States

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About me

Hi, I’m Hannah. I’m a 21 year old influencer with a passion for change. I've specialized in videography, editing, and I’ve worked with multiple esports organizations in these roles. My entrepreneurial side has led me to work with startups.

In just 7 months, I was promoted from Head of Content to CEO of Art Chops, a diverse organization founded in the belief of a total evolutionary shift in education.

I believe in helping pivot the world to an open access economy through philanthropy, AI, and people. Because people are our biggest ally, and money is our weakest. I’m excited to take this journey and step into making the world a better place for all.

"Experience Does Not Equal Potential"


Tags: · gaming · music · sustainable living · open access economy · cars · photography · ai · education · vrar · nature · travel · space · terraforming planets

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