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Nijmegen, Gelderland, Netherlands

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I advocate for a vegan lifestyle for all humans as we have enslaved animals for flesh and other animal products long enough. In the new free world without money the animals are our nonhuman equals who deserve their own free natural life. We are not top of the food chain as some may think, but meerly made to think we are by authorities and corporate industries. "Human beings, animals and plants are all inseparable parts of nature. We are in nature, not outside or above it. All species are connected to each other and the planet, and indirectly rely on each other for survival." We humans should leave the animals alone in the free world. We're causing too much harm and suffering at this very moment exploiting and murdering billons of them globally.

Tags: · permaculture · sustainability · grayson perry · veganism · organic stockfree farming · hiking · foraging · food forests

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