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6,437km (4,023m)
REQUEST: Help with making a great promo video for Sharebay — I'm looking for someone good with motion graphicsto make a promo video for Sharebay. I can provide a complete soundtrack (around 100 seconds) and am looking for someone to add some snappy animations for it.
7,759km (4,849m)
Italian conversation — I'm a language teacher and would love to share some of my time for conversation classes in Italian, to spread the knowledge of my beautiful mother tongue language :)
6,861km (4,288m)
Captiva computer monitor (Donated to charity shop) — 1280x1024 resolution. DVI and VGA connections with built-in speakers. Comes with VGA cable. Available to pick up from large Heart foundation charity shop in Skegness. (Will be sold at a cost) Check map for shop location.
6,861km (4,288m)
Baby activity walker — Baby activity walker now dropped off at OXFAM in Skegness. Your baby can use it to walk around in and play with. The picture i have here is not of the same one but it looks similar to it to give you some of an idea of what it looks like. Call in to OXFAM Skegness to enquire about it.
245km (153m)
Portions of land for housing and farming — We have 680 acres of land in Yuma, Arizona for which we are in immediate need of a land surveyor. First choice is for you to contribute your services in exchange for utilizing a portion of the land for housing and farming. Second choice is in-kind donation of your services in return for reduced tax liability using our exemption. If there are other services, skills, and abilities for which you are willing to exchange, please let us know.
3,719km (2,324m)
Facebook link by Charity Lamb via Food is Free Tacoma group — Food has been dropped off at a food is free table. Link for more info:
6,883km (4,302m)
TRADE-FREE SOCKS — Sock are available only for trade-free humans, or you can exchange to another zero waste or trade-free product. British sustainable clothing brand Rozenbroek make no compromises on ethics or design. Their clean, everyday garments are all individually made to order at Rozenbroek’s own solar-powered factory in Yorkshire. Working solely with sustainable, organic materials, with a zero waste approach, Rozenbroek minimise their carbon footprint along their entire supply chain. By making everything to order, they not only reduce waste, but help develop a lasting and personal relationship with each garment’s wearer. And with impressive repair guarantees across most items, these truly are garments to love for life.
994km (621m)
Sisterhood Treasure Honoring Resources — Sisterhood Treasures, Honors Women, Women's Wisdom, Teen Girls, Women's Support, Women's Music This is a 4 page download that you can share with other women and young ladies to build sisterhood support and honor sisterhood treasures! Email or print and send. So many women need support and sisterhood to deal with their challenges! I make is honoring, easy, informative and fun!
2,919km (1,824m)
WordPress setup — I am offering a lesson on how to setup Wordpress to host your website.
14,230km (8,893m)
Stock footage — If you are creating content that's helping transition to a Post Scarcity Society (e.g TZM, TVP, Sharebay, or whatever) then you can use my stock footage if it'll help you. If there's enough interest then I'll work on a front end with keywords and search to make it easier to find what you might be looking for. That said most of my content is drone and time-lapse footage in Vietnam, Australia and especially the Philippines. It would be nice to be told if you do use the footage so I can help refine my content creation to what's useful.
6,882km (4,301m)
White bath, frame and front panel — This bath is no longer needed. It comes with a frame and front panel but no taps. It's white and non-metalic, probably acrylic or fibreglass
6,438km (4,024m)
Set of 2 Thermal T-shirts, brand new and unused! — Thermal long-sleeve t-shirts, black color, one for man and oner for woman. Both size L. Both BRAND NEW, UNUSED AND WITH ORIGINAL LABELS. Super warm and cosy. To use under your sweaters.
6,437km (4,023m)
Help with Wordpress — I can probably help you with most Wordpress issues or offer advice on best practices.
6,893km (4,308m)
A personal or professional coaching session — I offer an onthological coaching session. Ontological Coaching is about generating shifts in a coachee's "way of being". A human's way of being is not a fixed state but one of continual change and the role of the Ontological Coach is to work with their others to design a way of being that the coachee assesses serves them best. The session (for the moment) can only be in English and Italian language
752km (470m)
REQUEST: I'm looking to barter land for off grid living... — I will barter my skills for some farm land, ranch land, undeveloped land, etc... I will place a temporary structure on the land, like a Yurt Tent or tiny house on a flatbed. I will help you heal your soil for organic food garden. (I'm a Tantra Yoga Teacher) I'm open to living anywhere...
6,900km (4,312m)
REQUEST: Wanted anything newborn — I'm currently 14w pregnant and struggling financially. Me and the partner are on benefits and were wondering if anyone had any new born - 9 month old baby bits that their no longer needing? We don't mind if it's sterile and in good working order. We're currently looking for: Clothes, push chairs, Moses basket, cot, car seat, sterilisers, changing bag, grow egg, baby monitors, bedding. That would be much appreciated. We're find out the gender in just under 4weeks so anything mutual would be amazing. Thank you
269km (168m)
REQUEST: Toiletry Items for Hygiene Kits — We make hygiene kits to give to various underserved communities, and we usually rely on non-financial donations in order to make this happen. Items that go into the kits include soap/body wash, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, pads, razors, lip balm, hand sanitizer, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and dental floss. We accept other personal care and beauty items too. Our only limitations is that everything is unused. We also prefer travel-sized or small sized items, but you are more than welcome to give larger sized items if you’d like.
6,861km (4,288m)
Knowledge of how to use Share Points on Sharebay - Blog — Share Points on Sharebay are useful for helping site viewers and members understand where an item or service is located and what it is about. All Share Points display on the Sharebay map and you can filter the map to show just Share Points by unticking all options on the map and ticking 'Share Points'. For example you can use them for providing - - Knowledge of where an item is dropped off to (such as a charity shop or library) - Knowledge of free item or service locations and name of the item or service that anyone you see on your travels is offering (such as items left outside of houses or businesses, free food available at shopping places, and plants growing free to pick food) Listings placed under the Share Points category are also non-transactable listings, but restricting the listing to a higher trust level requirement still restricts who can respond privately to the listing.
9,801km (6,125m)
Teaching of Food Preparation — I teach how to make make Crispy, crunch, tasty healthy Plantain, Potatoes, Cassava Chips. As well as how to make African Dishes.
7,683km (4,802m)
Computer and Android Smartphone help remotely — I can help you with your computer or Android smartphone problem remotely with TeamViewer or AnyDesk


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