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5,505km (3,441m)
5,917km (3,698m)
REQUEST: mechanic to fix my car(car shaking while driving)(fixed) — Need a mechanic to fix my car. car starts shaking after 50-60ml/h. roll bar joint tired, maybe bearing or some other issues. can pay the tyres was causing problems ,but change streaaring collumn only for 170£. found a part for 40£ on ebay(origalu cost 700£) super bargain.
5,917km (3,698m)
New tyre steel rim 15 195/50(sold on ebay for 45£) — New tyre steel rim 15 inch 195/50. 4 sprung. Never used. From my broken car ford fiesta. Only for trade-free person. thanks guys:)
5,917km (3,698m)
REQUEST: 4 tyres 15 inch 185/60 84h (got from ebay) — Looking for car 4 tyres 15 inch 158/60 84h. need fitting and balancing. Can pay. got from ebay with orginal alloy and tyres only for 120£
6,682km (4,176m)
REQUEST: City El Reparatur BJ 1994 Warscheinlich Curtis — Hallo, Ich suche Jemanden, der meinen Elektroflitzer reparieren kann. Es funktionieren nur Warnblinker, Blinker Abblendlicht, Fernlicht, Standlicht. Früher hat er beim Schlüssel umdrehen klick gemacht aber die Schütze ziehen nicht mehr an. Und beim Sicherung einstecken ist nur ein ganz leises Klicken zu hören. Hoffe es findet sich Jemand. Gruß. Ben
6,917km (4,323m)
cars — workshop manuals, technical advices etc.
1,104km (690m)
REQUEST: Access to specialized Tools and skills. — I have an old motorcycle that needs to have the crankshaft pressed apart and rebuilt with some new parts. I'm fairly new to the depth of this work on engines, and would like to get together with someone who may have the special tools and skills to do this job correctly. I am pretty sure I could do it myself, even make the tools myself, but it's so much easier to learn without the trial and error...
1,104km (690m)
Repair services — motorcycle mechanics and electronic repair, computer repair, automotive electronics and repair.
1,104km (690m)
REQUEST: vintage motorcycle parts. — 1980's vintage off road motorcycle parts. 400cc and above is a trade-free site