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Wellington, New Zealand (18819.9 km)
Basic Astrology Lesson
I can offer an interpretation of someone's birth chart and give them a basic idea of where they are at by looking at their transits. I can also give a novice an introduction to the basic fundamentals of astrology and answer any questions.
California, United States (8627.7 km)
Tourist guide
Happy to hang out in SF and share recommendations of places to go!
Co. Wexford, Ireland (454.6 km)
Advice on anything
Looking for some general life advice? I've tons of life experience and an incisive mind and happy to offer any advice on, well, anything!
North Carolina, United States (6517.7 km)
Mentoring, Business Coaching Vision Strategic Roadmap
Two ears to listen and one mouth for feedback. Offering one session of help for you and/or your business. One hour duration. The roadmap is a new way of thinking about achievements instead of goals missed.
HERTFORDSHIRE, United Kingdom (40.9 km)
Half an hour on phone or Skype about anything in complete confidence. You will get "a good listening to" and come away with new ideas and feeling refreshed.
Otago, New Zealand (18951.0 km)
A listening ear and meditation to suit
If you feel drawn to make an hour together of time to share what is present for you now and if it feels aligned to be guided in a meditation journey supporting feeling centered based on what has been shared, I offer to make myself, my heart and skill available to you.
Greater Accra, Åland Islands (8647.9 km)
[REQUEST] Advice
Advice about social life
OR, United States (8078.7 km)
Business Mentor
Are you interested in being mentored in business? Building a Sustainable Business is not easy. One hour a week. This is also known as creating a Power Partner relationship.
QLD, Australia (16532.7 km)
How to live a life style with less money
Ideas, advice on how to live with spending less money as I practice in my own life
Punjab, India (6509.0 km)
To know thyself
Express yourself as you are not as you want to n share anything to everything that disturb you or you are afraid to can express totally and freely. i am your MITRA. don't hesitate.I am just one click away from your heart.look into your heart n dive deep with me.yo canalso contact me on+919417217993 or
Oregon, United States (7911.0 km)
[REQUEST] Opinions on my video/project
Just looking for people to give me their input on my video about creating a eco cooperative based village/town/village.
OR, United States (8083.6 km)
Cancer Potential Help Information
Information that has helped others in my experience.
Zürich, Switzerland (762.7 km)
My Perspective
You have an idea and want to check if its viable, want to think it through some more, want to hear an outsiders opinion? Then I offer my perspective from my point of view, to hopefully help you see more clearly with an idea, problem or question you have. I'm quite observing and quickly understand how something works and see how it interacts with it's surroundings. I love to look at the possibilities and potentials of ideas or projects.
Vienna, Austria (1225.4 km)
business club expert since 1992
Information, advice and implementation including all legal procedures for the establishment and operation of business associations. Information, Beratung und Durchführung inkl aller rechtlichen Wege zu Gründung und Betrieb von Unternehmensvereinen.
Plovdiv, Bulgaria (2122.2 km)
[REQUEST] Съвет от ветеринар
Днес следобед намерих болен гълъб пред офиса ми. Според обясненията в интернет,които четох, симптомите му отговарят на салмонелоза, но не намерих доза за лечението. В момента му давам антибиотик Клацид разтворена една капсула в 100мл. вода. Ако някой има опит с лечението, моля да пише!
Castilla-La Mancha, Spain (1406.1 km)
Servicio de coach y orientación para adolescentes
Ofrezco servicio de coaching y orientación para cualquier persona pero, me siento más preparado para ayudar adolescentes. Haríamos sesiones por teléfono, tele o videoconferencia.
North Carolina, United States (6263.5 km)
consultant call on any of my areas of expertise
1. child care/development/health maintenance 2. permaculture/food foresting/seed saving 3. food preservation 4. pattern/template swap requests 5. little free library placement 6. animal care 7. anything else on my list
NSW, Australia (14466.9 km)
Debt Reduction Coach
You will be getting my 2 week 1 on 1 coaching to help you setup your new Debt Reduction program.
-Select State-, United Kingdom (63.2 km)
Independent Project Review
This is a commercial service intended originally for large projects in the Oil & Gas industry. But it's core is in 'performance improvement' that applies to any project or business practice anywhere and in any industry. What I will do is set up a data structure for your business or project that either you can continue to use for yourself, or retain me as a consultant. On first contact I will send you a link that describes the IPR, it will take about a week and will need some dialogue to set up.
Nevada, United States (8342.3 km)
[REQUEST] entrepreneurship mentoring, and online visionary startup help
I have been learning online business from the ground up for over 1 year now, I have a lot of pieces and ideas, and an extreme amount of potential, but no experience or momentum. I would love someone with marketing or entrepreneurship experience to come in and give me a consultation at the least, and anywhere up to including partnerships!