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Middlesex, United Kingdom (28.5 km)
[REQUEST] Frozen rats rodents
Looking large rats for my python. Can be wild one if caugth any. But not killed with poison. My python is starving for your lovely rats.
Middlesex, United Kingdom (28.5 km)
Pine cone delycacy
Home made pine cone delicacy from LITHUANIA forests. Explore more products at Come and try! One per person. We arw looking for the spring pickers. You will learn how to do it. So you will be able to cook yourself!
Co. Wexford, Ireland (455.3 km)
Vegan cooking classes and recipes
I am a happy vegan person. I love cooking, and I only eat vegan and gluten-free food, simple and deliiiicious, and I love it! I can give you some of my vegan gluten-free recipes, or advices about vegan food.
Jylland, Denmark (832.3 km)
Coffee/Tea, Friendly Chat, Tour :)
You're welcome to come and visit Petersholm where I volunteer. You can have a little something to drink and a snack; a friendly chat about the world, sharing-economies/resource-based economies/open-source economies, or anything else; a tour of Petersholm smallscale permaculture and alternative projects farm and B&B, driven by Andrea Moreno and international volunteers. Hope to see you, come happy. :) I speak English, Danish and a little German. Other volunteers at Petersholm speak Spanish and other languages. Vi taler dansk!
MI, United States (7709.2 km)
[REQUEST] Organic Meat and Produce
We are always open to trading for quality produce, meats, eggs, dairy, and more! Let us know how we can reciprocate with labor, technical services, spiritual counseling, and more :)
Antwerpen, Belgium (335.2 km)
Fresh vegetable, herbs and small fruit
We have a garden with delicious vegetable, herbs and small fruit.
San Lucia de Tirajana, Spain (7489.2 km)
[REQUEST] Raw Sugar Packets - Whole Wheat/Multigrain Flour - Chia / Oats / Quinoa
Would you give up the sugar in your coffee today? That little packet of brown sugar? Some Chia seeds? Quinoa? Would you consider donating a single bag of flour? That whole-grain bag? Why? Instead of asking for money, we realized (our group Attarum) that it is worth a lot to have these items...Why? Because all civilization is based on agriculture and food. What we take for granted in the civilized world is scarce in the developing world (so expensive it's out of reach.) To learn more about Attarum Humanitarian Ideas that are in need of support: Check here...
Oregon, United States (8071.2 km)
[REQUEST] Tomatoes for canning
Need more tomatoes for canning. Prefer meaty ones with lots of pulp for making pasta sauce
jalisco, Mexico (9108.2 km)
[REQUEST] Semillas sin tratamiento para germinación
Hola, estamos buscando semillas para brotes de: Pepino Melón Sandia Papaya Amaranto Chicharro Soya Alfalfa
Oregon, United States (8075.5 km)
[REQUEST] Food (organic preferred)
Any food / ingredients with which to make food welcome. Especially organic/local/non gmo.
Oregon, United States (8075.7 km)
[REQUEST] Medicinal/culinary herbs
I'll accept pretty much anything, fresh or dried as long as it's been grown using organic practices or ethically wildharvested in places they don't spray. I make medicinal tinctures/oils/salves etc. and I also cook a lot.
Oregon, United States (8075.6 km)
[REQUEST] Bones (for making stock/bone broth)
Don’t throw throw those bones away, give them to me! Totally ok if they have come in contact with your mouth, as they will be boiled. Chicken bones, turkey bones, duck bones, beef bones, pig bones, sheep bones, goat bones... basically any “meat animal” bones except fish. Can be kept in the freezer until you are ready to part with them.
Oregon, United States (8075.3 km)
Parsley (dried, culinary)
Organic, from Mountain Rose Herbs. We have a lot more than we will use and would love to share! Have about 2 cups to offer.
Oregon, United States (8075.4 km)
Organic chia seeds
I have about 9 lbs available. Take as much as you want.
or, United States (8073.6 km)
Potluck dish
Something simple most likely :) but good.
OR, United States (7928.2 km)
Raw Lab-Tested Jersey Milk
Our cows are producing delicious Single-Moo Milk. We are offering half gallon jars.
OREGON, United States (8074.7 km)
Oregon, United States (8073.8 km)
Kombucha Scobies
Organic Kombucha Scobies
SINGAPORE, Singapore (10829.5 km)
[REQUEST] Fresh Fruits
I am looking for strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, apples, oranges, mangos, kiwis, watermelons, honey dew, peaches, or cantaloupe. If you have any other fruits, I am interested too. (1 required)
NSW, Australia (16987.7 km)
[REQUEST] vegetables to put in the pot
we have a community veggie soup night. Bring a vegetable. Throw it in the pot. Cook it up and eat together.