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Buenos Aires, Argentina (0.0 km)
Te ofrezco mis conocimientos sobre equipos de aire acondicionado, arreglalo vos mismo XD
Middlesex, United Kingdom (28.5 km)
[REQUEST] Plywood or mdf board
Looking for plywood or mdf board.any decent board will help
west lothian , United Kingdom (558.1 km)
hammer various type and sizes
Nevada, United States (8342.3 km)
Work exchange for rent / helping hand
I would be happy to offer general labor, cleaning, carpentry, metal working, gardening, farming, and permaculture services in exchange for rent. I would love to join someone who has a large piece of property with nature and running water. Someone with goals to build a sustainable community. I’m ready to leave my home town and I’m opening up to magic and miracles!
GA, United States (6766.7 km)
[REQUEST] Leftover building supplies, materials, paints, etc.
Materials to renovate a very old rundown house to create myself a home. Older person on limited income. Thanks! Smiles.
New Mexico, United States (8166.7 km)
Home repair or building service
Highly skilled in Electrical and General contracting. Jack of all trades, can repair most anything. Excavating, Trenching, Foundations, framing, and so on ad nauseum.
San Lucia de Tirajana, Spain (2919.6 km)
[REQUEST] Eco Building Enthusiasts
We are looking for help for 2-3 days at a time in Mogan, Gran Canaria to build up a beautiful eco village that can feed and house planet-positive travellers. We are making example water filtration systems to demonstrate to the world eco principles.
or, United States (8073.7 km)
[REQUEST] lattice
about four sheets of lattice
or, United States (8073.7 km)
[REQUEST] foam board insulation
foam board insulation, about 4 sheets of it should do
or, United States (8074.0 km)
[REQUEST] pressure treated wood
some pressure treated wood to build some a few steps to my shed.
or, United States (8073.4 km)
[REQUEST] Handyman craftsman for help with my tiny home
I need some help with my tiny home... here's some things that need to be done plumbing living room and kitchen cabinet making kitchen counters stairs designed and built
CO, United States (7556.1 km)
[REQUEST] Need Roof Repair!
I am seeking assistance for roof repairs in the St. Paul MN area. It is for a young woman who has several pets. A tree fell on the roof of her house, creating a large hole. Very dangerous with the onsetof winter weather!!! I am in Aurora, Co reaching out to anyone that can help!
NSW, Australia (16990.8 km)
[REQUEST] 10 tons of sand
I want sand for a community event.
Thüringen, Germany (783.3 km)
Meine Tischlerwerkstatt bzw. Künstlerwerkstatt kann nach Absprache gern in Anspruch genommen werden. 0176 41769138
Western Cape, South Africa (9659.4 km)
cnc machining, manufacturing
cnc machining,part manufacture,design
saskatchewan, Canada (5789.5 km)
[REQUEST] old steel rods, sheets
old steel to be used in blacksmithing, such as old wheel rims off wagons, tools
Niedersachsen, Germany (591.5 km)
Werkzeug / Maschinen ausleihen
Bosch Bohrhammer Bosch Akkubohrhammer Bosch Akku Winkelschleifer AEG Kreissäge Schleifgerät (Dreieck) ...