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6,471km (4,044m)
Platz im Kühlschrank — Es ist genug Platz in meinem Kühlschrank sowie in meiner Gefriertruhe vorhanden.
3,864km (2,415m)
Dishes — In good shape, previously used dishes. Dishes are clean. And ready to go to their new home. A couple sets available. Some loose plates (don’t match)
3,685km (2,303m)
Sheets, pillow cases and blankets — All sizes and colors of sheets and pillowcases and blankets
586km (366m)
Soap Nuts - An eco friendly laundry soap — I will send you a free bag of 12 soap nuts which will do approximately 12 full loads of laundry. You just pay for shipping. You can read more about them here-
7,608km (4,755m)
Sofa — A three seat sofa, metal frame, deployable bed with mattress. You must organize transport. is a trade-free site