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NSW, Australia (0.0 km)
Grown without chemicals, dug up fresh as needed
NSW, Australia (0.0 km)
Grown without chemicals
Haute Garonne, France (870.3 km)
Engrais pour plantes d'intérieur
Mon compost produit du "jus de verre" un engrais liquide, qui s'utilise en dose de 25ml dilluée dans un litre d'eau d'arrosage. A utiliser 1 fois par semaine pour nourrir vos plantes d'intérieur. Je propose des bocaux de 250ml, 500ml et bouteilles d'un litre.
Florida, United States (6980.7 km)
Organic farming help
If you need any advice, help or just a conversation feel free to message. I am willing to help in person in or around Jacksonville Florida or just advice.
CA, United States (8629.6 km)
Melon Plants in Sacramento
Free young melon plants
Normandie, France (297.7 km)
I offer to take care of your garden (vegetables and flowers) in exchange of a part of the harvest.
Otago, New Zealand (18951.0 km)
[REQUEST] Fruit and nut trees, plants (especially organic)
We have purchased approximately 15 acres along the Lindis River in Tarras, New Zealand. If anyone has spare food producing trees, shrubs and plants, or great companion or complementary plants, we will home them with loving care!
Otago, New Zealand (18951.0 km)
[REQUEST] Spare hay or straw, mouldy is fine
We are beginning our permaculture farm. Carbon is king! Anyone with spare hay or straw, mouldy is fine, it will help improve our soil. Ideally within an hour of the Tarras area (near Wanaka New Zealand). I can be reached via email at [email protected] or on 0220974596. Cheers!
East Sussex, United Kingdom (69.1 km)
Help in the garden, planting, weeding, watering looking after plants etc.
Wisconsin, United States (6410.2 km)
Package of Pink Celery seeds
These Pink Celery seeds are organic, heirloom and open pollinated. They were grown in S.W. Wisconsin on my farm. Celery is a biennial that can be grown in the ground or in containers. The seeds are tiny and should be started indoors. Transplant once the plants have true leaves. Set outside once threat of frost has passed. Can be grown in sun, partial shade or shade, or indoors in front of sunny windows. Each package has 25 seeds.
Otago, New Zealand (18951.0 km)
[REQUEST] Permaculture, landscaping
Hi there, we feel grateful to have purchased 20 acres along the beautiful Lindis River near Tarras on the South Island of New Zealand. We would like to transform what has been a grass pasture into a permaculture paradise. We can offer off-grid, compost toilet, limited internet but GREAT company and comfortable caravan/camper accommodation. Permaculture, landscaping, and also building skills most helpful. <3
Lincolnshire, United Kingdom (192.4 km)
Fruit trees located here[No-Reply]
Trees growing free fruit off of briar way and kennedy ave in skegness is located here.
South Australia , Australia (16525.4 km)
native gardening advice
I can offer information on growing an Australian Native Edible garden, Australian Native Foods are classified as supper foods and will feed the native fauna & benefit the Australian environment :)
MI, United States (6008.1 km)
[REQUEST] Not Working/Broken Lawnmower
I need a not working Lawn Mower with good condition body, handle, and wheels
Queensland, Australia (16525.4 km)
Malabar Spinach seeds / cuttings
Easy to grow abundance of this spinach organically. Most productive and pest resistant green leafy vegetable.
Antwerpen, Belgium (335.2 km)
permaculture design
Design of your garden or domain following the permaculture principles and your requests in the design
OR, United States (8074.2 km)
[REQUEST] Garden Apprentice to assist Micro Farm
Garden Helpers to learn Organic practices. I am looking for enthusiastic farming student/s to work in 1 to 2 hour increments that want to learn how to farm and create sustainable organic food all year round. The farm owner is recovering from health issues and needs help winterizing/putting down mulch on her small farm near the EUG airport. Please contact me if you would like to learn and assist.
Oregon, United States (8080.0 km)
Permaculture expertise and hands on.
To anyone in and around Eugene OR we can offer hands-on experience from a #permaculture certified designer. We just started Incredible Edible Eugene so much planting will ensue. If you eat, you're in!
NY, United States (5521.2 km)
Japanese mapple 3 year old seedlings
My neighbor has a beautiful Japanese maple tree. The wind blows its seeds to my yard and grows seedlings. I had to uproot them. If you have yard, they will grow into beautiful full trees in years. Picture can be attached in spring.
Texas, United States (7942.5 km)
[REQUEST] Permaculture Activist and Nomad Artist
We are seeking Nomad Permies and Artist to help establish the Earth Mother Studio Permaculture Research Institute and Artisan Village in Lamesa, Texas