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Faro, Portugal (1055.4 km)
Invitation for easy dinner - Einladung zum einfachen Essen
In Albufeira in our apartment 4 min walk from the sea - in unserem Apartment in Albufeira 4 Min. Fussweg vom Meer
BC, Canada (7661.1 km)
[REQUEST] Looking for like minds to setup a local Open Source, Shared Resource Commons
I am looking for like minded individuals who want to help move beyond the monetary paradigm by coming together to create an Open Source, Shared Resource Commons on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. We may need more than one. Total Pop of 870,000 Looking to brainstorm, collaborate, share ideas and create a plan which can be executed on and mirrored around the globe. You do not have to be local - if we had 100 people in 100 different locations we can then launch globally simultaneously.
TENNESSEE, United States (6861.4 km)
[REQUEST] Social change activists
Engage yourselves, enhance the connection between us, to attain social cohesion developed in alternatives to capitalism and for-profit systems or intentions. Opt-out of the matrix of lies! Greater organisation happens now, 2020, the year of JUBILEE..... seize the day!
NC, United States (6270.1 km)
[REQUEST] People to Practice Non VIolent Communication
TZM, TVP, The Transition to RBE Intentional Communities, Eco- Villages These all require that human beings do something we are less skilled at doing: COOPERATE. Learning Non-Violent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg is key and in some cases a requirement. I live in Harnett County If anyone near me (Angier North Carolina) would like to set up a meeting place or time so that we could practice I'm game.
MI, United States (6058.5 km)
[REQUEST] Wanted: Business Partner for Free To Play Technology
We are making a US-based thought assistant and game to launch as a social network in 2020. If you are a special third person to our team looking for inspiration and commitment, you found it. A little bit about us: We are the first company to play white code without a screen or a console. We put it on our fingers and play a you instance in your space. The technology is clean and we have code friends to play with. I am looking for a business advice life partner to market (maybe free or invites too...) a new technology. Based out of Oberlin, Ohio but you work virtually. I am creative at making memes and code constantly but I don't have enough time to do the business aspects like bringing on more people or investors. If you are ready to go "I'm In" with an entrepreneur/revolutionary and a popular girl, we will consider working with you.
Kanagawa, Japan (9585.3 km)
[REQUEST] Language exchange (German)
I have always been interested in learning German, if you are interested in learning Spanish, English or conversational Japanese, please reach out.
Tamil Nadu, India (8201.3 km)
[REQUEST] Spiritual activist ashram
I'm looking for a place and people interested in spirituality, social transformation and feminine wisdom...want to either find or help co-create an ashram-like community based on these themes, including sacred activism, solidarity economy,and integral, holistic personal and global healing.Anyone know of such a place, or have land, resources or interest in helping co-create one?
Western Cape, South Africa (9662.0 km)
Hiking guide in Cape Town
If you need someone who can show you around the nature of Cape Town through walking and climbing. Areas include the famous Table Mountain among many others.
Pirkanmaa, Finland (1827.0 km)
[REQUEST] Partners in social business
Would like to start a company and realize ideas.
Lesser Poland, Poland (1407.7 km)
We are going to climb every other sunny weekend. If you'd like to join us in Jura Krakowsko-Czestochowska please let me know. ------ W soneczne weekendy jeździmy do Jury się wspinać - jeśli chciałbyś/łabyś dołączyć daj znać!
MN, United States (6470.9 km)
[REQUEST] Ubuntu MN guests
We are a giving and sharing group that meets monthly in Minneapolis.
OR, United States (8031.5 km)
Hot Springs Getaway!
Do you enjoy Nature and a good Soak? Cougar or other great Hot Springs location. Want to co create a Hot Springs Getaway? I have the SUV and the time... We could go to Cougar AKA Terwilliger Hot Springs. Cougar features a chain of stair stepped pools fed by a small cave in a wooded ravine. Each of the 5 rock walled pools are slightly cooler than the other starting from 112 and ending near 90 degrees. Located deep beneath a canopy of primeval forest. (3 available) Let's Go!
OR, United States (8078.8 km)
[REQUEST] Hot Spring or Hot Tubing Friends
I would like to find some friends who like a good time soaking in a Hot Spring or Hot Tub. I am looking to spend a couple hours in a Hot Spring or Hot Tub for healthy living from time to time for a healthy life.
Wales, United Kingdom (253.7 km)
[REQUEST] Business partner
I am looking for one person to join me in enterprise aimed at financing world change (initially) at the local level by building and later buying businesses to give services to the community at reasonable prices and in some cases free of charge to the needy. I can provide accommodation and business premises to get started. Prefer a non smoker. I am a non smoker, non drinker, vegan and I want us to grow the partnership to the point where we can open a free food vegan cafe or restaurant. That will mean attracting more members as two people cannot do everything. Maybe when there are ten or twenty members we can open our first cafe. Any such enterprise needs at least one person to start it and others to join it. Is anyone willing to join me? Are you willing to be that all-important second person?
Valenciana, Comunidad, Spain (1452.3 km)
Servidor Discord EBR/LN
Discord es una aplicación multiplataforma de chat de voz y texto y este servidor se ofrece para lo relacionado con una Economía Basada en Recursos y Leyes Naturales.
14469, Germany (896.6 km)
Guitar Lessons (or just playing together)
Hey, if anyone wants to get some help to learn guitar (acoustic or electric...with plectrum only), just hit me up. If you play already for quite a while we can also just have a nice time playing music (e.g. playing open stages in Potsdam). :)
Pennsylvania, United States (5682.7 km)
[REQUEST] someone to play piano duets with
a person who is a intermediate to advanced piano player who would enjoy playing duets with an intermediate piano player
NSW, Australia (16984.4 km)
[REQUEST] Bushwalking in Garigal
I know the tracks well - anyone want to come along?
Greater Manila Area, Philippines (10740.3 km)
Free Worlder Meet-up
Hi guys! Can we do meet-up for Free Worlder Philippines?
California, United States (8627.8 km)
[REQUEST] say hi and meet up!
Let's meet local freeworlders