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5,917km (3,698m)
REQUEST: Laser color printer(got on ebay for 70£) — Looking for laser color printer. I have not laser one. As I am printing a lot I need a better one. Not for selling or printing as trade-free. As I got plenty offers here- I found hp laser pro 400 printer for 70£. Thanks guys!
6,228km (3,892m)
Office Chair — Hi end leather Office Chair. Good condition. Feel free to collect from Los Pacos.
3,787km (2,367m)
Use of our color printer/scanner — You may use our equipment for small printing jobs (under 20 pages). Our printer/scanner does both color an B&W.
946km (591m)
Moving boxes, packing materials — We always have lots of clean, sturdy cardboard boxes! Also plenty of packing material. biodegradable packing peanuts made from sorghum (pretty cool), paper and plastic bubbles. is a trade-free site