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Algarve, Portugal (1705.3 km)
Open Source Software Design (all platforms)
If you have got an idea or better a need for software design for non commercial projects, then let me know. I have founded a free virtual company for this needs. I can gather the requirements, doing the interaction design and create a crowd funding project to collect the development costs. After funding I will be responsible to create the product which will be open source and therefore free for all time. For details see my website:
new Jersey, United States (5735.1 km)
I will program your firestick giving you access to live tv, sports, PPV events, XXX and much more!
Zürich, Switzerland (762.7 km)
Holochain Advice
Are you creating a project and thinking of building it with Holochain but you have some questions? Then I can certainly help you. I'm very active in the Holochain community and know the workings of Holochain quite well to help you decide if and how Holochain would work with your project.
Mazowieckie, Poland (1417.5 km)
[REQUEST] 18F4431 how to read internal EPROM?
Where do I have error or what should I declare/configure to read internal 18F4431 EEPROM? eeprom_loop movf EE_count, W; move EEPROM address to W ;next lines copied from Microchip 18F44321 data sheet MOVWF EEADR ; Data Memory Address to read BCF EECON1, EEPGD ; Point to DATA memory BSF EECON1, RD ; EEPROM Read MOVF EEDATA, W ; W = EEDATA ;my code continued movwf EE00; move EEPROM data to my EE00 variable call display_EEPROM; my working LCD display routine incf EE_count; next EEPROM address to read call 1second_delay goto eeprom_loop 18F4431 runs @ 40MHz with 10 MHz crystal and 4x pll Michael [email protected] central Poland
NC, United States (6241.8 km)
[REQUEST] Minecraft
I'd like to learn Java and make my own Minecraft mods. Could you help to teach me? If not, want to play? :D
Mazowieckie, Poland (1417.4 km)
[REQUEST] Microchip pic programming
Microchip pic help to start writing own C programs with mikroC pro from Mikroelektronika or better alternative. I am already experienced with pic assembler.
jalisco, Mexico (9104.1 km)
[REQUEST] Programador de app moviles para emprendimiento social agroalimentario
Misión Acelerar el desarrollo tecnológico para cubrir las necesidades de alimentación humanas, mediante un modelo económico sostenible, un modelo de producción y distribución altamente sustentable y promoviendo el desarrollo social Visión Preservar los ecosistemas y restablecer el equilibrio ecológico mediante la creación de ciudades sustentables y Que las personas que se enfoquen en el desarrollo social tengan por lo menos garantizada una comida, fresca, saludable , conveniente y gratuita. En Mi Cosecha Necesitamos tu ayuda para hacerlo realidad
Leiden, Netherlands (351.7 km)
Online Bot
Can make a small , simple bot for your online business. So far has experience in making one for telegram,but not be a problem for any other messenger.
Florida, United States (7712.9 km)
CCNA Routing and Switching Class
Preparation for anyone wishing to obtain a solid background in basic Cisco networking concepts and prepare for the CCNA exams. 200-125 CCNA or 100-105 ICND1 200-105 ICND2
Victoria, Australia (16902.8 km)
[REQUEST] App Development
Hello! I need a humanitarian to help me help the world. I have several apps that need creating, and hopefully they generate money that we can use to put towards creating real-world systems that eventually DON'T require money. Things like a library - but different. I encourage you to read my visions here; I'm the real-deal!
Braga, Portugal (1276.6 km)
[REQUEST] programmer, coder, hacker, systems designer
to create non-monetary index. See