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Faro, Portugal (1055.4 km)
[REQUEST] Fundraising (einander lieben) for loving each other, helping the needy
For LIFE eternal and here
Florida, United States (63.3 km)
[REQUEST] Would like to learn bike repair skills
I would like to learn how to work on bicycles hopefully be an apprentice to a bicycle mechanic
Middlesex, United Kingdom (28.5 km)
[REQUEST] Wooden pallets
If you have any and you want to get rid off, i can pick up locally or just drop at 38 forest road en3 6st. Many thanks!!
Wisconsin, United States (6410.2 km)
Toilet paper
One roll of Scott brand toilet paper
Utah, United States (7747.8 km)
50 Minutes to Save the World Video
This is a video about how we've damaged our coral reefs, and what we can do to fix them. Feel free to share this video with anyone you want, in any way you want. This message needs to get out into the world! Here's the link to the video:
NL, Canada (3853.2 km)
[REQUEST] Funding for Saving the Forest from Fire
We several years ago I secure the domain for Fire Suppression Drone. At the time there where no know Fire Suppresion Drones. Even today there are only a few people designing and building them. Yet today we see that that Amazon and many other areas in the world are burning up. So we need to Create, Build and put into ACTION the Fire Suppression Drone So to get our project started we are looking to raise $10K 1. $1K to build a website 2. $3-7K to build/purchase the prototype drone 3. $1K to Design, Manufacture Fire Ball Launching Device 4. $1-2K for purchasing Fire Ball for testing 5. $2-3K to fly to Amazon to test the Fire Suppression Drone?? It will take a couple of months to get a system up and running, so I hope that the majority of the fires are out by then. Yet if not, we will need the Fire Suppression Drones even more. The overall vision is a Squadron of Drones (100's) that can ATTACH a fire FAST and limit the Damages that fire creates. These drone
California, United States (8790.3 km)
[REQUEST] Official Global Ambassadors
See "Exclusive Strategy for Official Global Ambassadors of VOMI Global Think Tank" at :: :: Up to 5 ambassadors in each country. This is NOT an MLM (multilevel marketing) operation. This is a 30-day experimental posting. Should the caliber of the respondents meet our expectations, we will consider expanding the length.
NSW, Australia (16555.8 km)
An Amazon gift voucher for Sonya Deanna Terry's award-winning novel.
EPIPHANY --The complete award-winning series--by Sonya Deanna Terry. Available to anyone registered with One of 10 free/gifted Amazon eBooks ($9.99 value) (two-books-in-one) sent via email--- ...A whimsical tale about money and its unknown otherworldly origins... History, mystery, contemporary romance and magic. Includes: THE GOLDING A story within a story... and THE SILVERING A return to the Currency of Kindness. To discover more about Epiphany, see details here: HOW TO ACCESS THE GIFT Amazon's new policy requires all gift recipients to be registered with their U.S.A. site (e.g. rather than in Australia) To access the gift, please reply to this message and include the email address you use for your account. will then email your gifted eBook edition of EPIPHANY. ******************
Oregon, United States (7583.5 km)
Gratitude Awards of Honor, digital
Gratitude makes the world go round! This digital award I give freely to honor your loved ones. Sending or hiding secretly or giving anonymously, brings a huge element of surprise kids of all ages love! Join the fun and share the love!
Oregon, United States (7581.9 km)
Awards of Honor, digital
My passion is honoring people with heartfelt awards anonymously. It builds inner self esteem and nobility within both givers & receivers. My Caregive award example honestly makes people cry as they are deeply seen and appreicated. Join the fun, let's honor people and gain the mutual rewards.
TENNESSEE, United States (6861.4 km)
Two debt removal templates
Rid yourself and your legal fiction's credit report of debtors trying to collect real-value in FRNs from you. Download and fill your account information on these two simple templates, NOTICE OF ADEQUATE ASSURANCE OF DUE PERFORMANCE + CREDIT RELEASE AFFIDAVIT. All the best.
Vastra Gotaland, Sweden (1043.5 km)
Ideas to a new rollator.
Since the first rollator was not patented I offer this idea in the same way. My rollator will fit the handluggage on air to be able to use on the way from inchecking to plane or on long walk on stations etc.
OR, United States (8185.1 km)
Tarot Readings
I've had 5 years use and study of Tarot Cards. I'll draw your fortune for free.
Oregon, United States (8075.3 km)
[REQUEST] Plastic tub
The kind you can do dishes in or soak your feet in. Must be able to hold hot water.
OR, United States (8062.6 km)
Free Advertising Spot On
I normally charge $50 per month for an advertising spot buried in the listings of opportunities and reviews on, but if you ask me via FreeWorlder, I can let you have an advertising spot for free!
Oregon, United States (8073.8 km)
Structured Water
We have recently installed a Dynamically Enhanced Water Structuring unit from Natural Action. Structured Water is absorbed more easily by our cells at the molecular level, making mineral absorption and toxin elimination much more effective for greater health.
Hainaut, Belgium (327.0 km)
[REQUEST] bois de chauffage
bois pour chauffer l'hiver... j'ai des difficultés pour aller le chercher.. avant j'n ramassais sur les chemins mais un infarctus fait que je ne sais plus..
tasman, New Zealand (18814.1 km)
free firewood, cut, split and collect yourself :)
NSW, Australia (16453.4 km)
[REQUEST] buckets or tubs to soak clay in
we will be hosting a community musical mud stomp and need to store clay in buckets in water. Those white buckets with lids would be ideal, but any buckets are good.
NSW, Australia (16988.1 km)
[REQUEST] barefoot mud stomp dancers of all ages
One afternoon in the summer we will host a Musical Mud Stomp. There will be an audience, some water to wash off your feet, some live acoustic musicians playing for you and a team dedicated to serving you some refreshments afterwards. The mixed mud will be formed into bricks to dry in the sun and later used for and by the community to build and sculpt a function structure as per