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15,675km (9,797m)
Drone Pilot — Heya! Need a good drone pilot? If you have the drone but want an experienced, certified pilot, feel free to look me up. Free flying, only costs to get there if it's not local.
1,125km (703m)
CoolPix Camera — Take my camera for a spin. 16 MegaPixels 30x Optical Zoom Full HD 1080p (video) 3 inch LCD display (Must be within 10 miles).
6,229km (3,893m)
Fantasy Map drawing — I'm taking my first stepts into the drawing of fantasy maps. I draw them by hand and scan them to send them digitally. See the picture for something I'm working on.
5,916km (3,697m)
finished drawings and pencil portraits to order — Ramdom Drawings
3,656km (2,285m)
REQUEST: english literature — I am looking for some contemporary prose that is rich in simile for that speaks deeply to my heart. Think U2's "Bullit to Blue Sky," but on paper.
15,670km (9,793m)
Drone Pilot — Happy to offer free drone filming for changemakers.
4,253km (2,658m)
REQUEST: Cartoonist — Controversial and Space Theme: A cartoonist that can draw approx 3 page cartoon with maybe 3 to 7 boxes on each page. Cartoonist must feel comfortable with controversial material and have the ability to draw futuristic/ space people themes. Have 1oz. silver coin(s) to trade for this service.
7,256km (4,535m)
Zenit camera || Aparat Zenit — If you like analog photos and need a working camera, I just fixed mine, but never really use it. No flash, basic lenses. Mam do oddania aparat Zenit. Naprawiony w tym roku. Bez lampy, podstawowy obiektyw.
7,256km (4,535m)
REQUEST: Photography || Fotografia — Mam aparat Zenit, ale nie potrafię z niego korzystać :) może ktoś się na tym zna?
13,079km (8,174m)
Art and design — I am offering my services of painting and sketching art.
1,771km (1,107m)
Art Services: Comics — I draw Solarpunk comics for free! One page per week.
14,223km (8,889m)
REQUEST: Wood carver — I have a big tree trunk that I would like sculpted into a piece of art. Anyone keen?
5,933km (3,708m)
Photography — Professional photography for your business/family in exchange for house, window cleaning & garden services.
6,396km (3,998m)
Art portrait — If you need a portrait of your loved one, a subling..or a family pet...please contact me!
3,671km (2,294m)
Model, Spokesmodel, Actor — In the "old world" I was a model. I have no idea if such a skill is needed in a post-consumer world with different & better values, but I am willing to work on valuable and genuine projects, if needed. I also have a fair amount of acting experience. Please contact me if you need such skills. 😊
6,295km (3,934m)
Canon Speedlite 430EX II — Dedicated flitser voor Canon Eos camera. Gaat weg omdat de camera ermee is gestopt.
786km (491m)
REQUEST: photographe — J'aimerais avoir de bonnes photos (ou de bons scans) de mes toiles (acrylique). is a trade-free site