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5,474km (3,421m)
Free New Bewell Chronograph Analogue wooden Ecowatch — Brand new, unused and undamaged Chronograph ecowatch, handmade and handcrafted, made of natural red sandalwood. The warm wood watch band matches your skin temperature and is never too hot or cold, and the ultra-lightweight feature makes it very comfortable to wear. Features hollow out chronograph, luminous pointers, date calendar and 3 sub-dial. Beautiful, delicate and multifunctional.
3,696km (2,310m)
REQUEST: permaculture collaborators — I have had a vision of a global interconnection of permaculture projects via a network of greenway trails for most of my life. (and I'm almost 60). I have given this the name of Let me know if you want to play around on it with me...
2,078km (1,299m)
REQUEST: To Change the World with Graphene — What if we could in 10 years stop burning oil for energy and used it for the buliding blocks of the future. By using Graphene with HDPE plastic we create a Supermaterial. GHDPE we can build bigger, safer, long life, structures. GHDPE will be the building material of the future. :) We will Build the Future with Graphene. Oil and Graphene will build future vehicle frames and components, Bridges and buildings. The United SuperHighway from Coast, to Coast and Off the Coasts. Plastic Floating Islands for 100M's that will have to relocate due to climate change, and oceans rises. Cables for transmitting power, Thermal energy, strength. Geothermal transmission lines. GraphAircrete for Supercements. Stronger, lighter, economical, environmental, sustainable. Prefab homes, building, structures which are fire and hurricane-proof, saving lives, and environments. We are talking a Revolution for the Future with Graphene. It's started and we have the resources, to create
6,681km (4,176m)
Solargrillbau, Solarthermiespiegelbau — Ich biete an mit mir zusammen einen großen 2-3meter Durchmesser nachgeführten Parabolspiegel zu bauen um im Garten zu kochen oder Warmwasser fürs Haus zu erzeugen und bei Überschuß sogar die Heizung zu unterstützen. Zuerst wird der Prototyp bei mir gebaut um Erfahrungen zu sammeln und den Bauprozeß zu optimieren. Bei weiteren Treffen sind die Spiegel der Teilnehmer Hauptbestandteil der Aktion. 0176-41769138
6,681km (4,176m)
Solardörrer bauen — Ich biete an mit Jedem der möchte zusammen Solardörrer, Solaröfen, Windräder, Parabolspiegel-, Fresnell- Solarkocher, Windkompressoren,Warmwasserspeicher, PV-Anlagen,Elektrofahrzeuge, Wasserstoffzellen, Tinyhaus-Anhänger oder Wohnmobile bzw. Wohnwägen oder andere spannende Projektideen umzusetzen. Zusammen macht das viel mehr Spaß. Meine Kunst-Kreativ-Tischler und Allroundwerkstatt steht in Kürze bereit.
1,208km (755m)
Agronomist-Entomologist advise — I do have a good expertise in crop pest management to avoid using hazardous chemical pesticide and some sustainable/conservation ways of using insect. I will give my advise to the members is a trade-free site