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Minas Gerais, Brazil (9010.7 km)
Logo Design
I create logos and graphic identity for startups.
Co. Wexford, Ireland (455.3 km)
Drawing classes
Drawing classes for beginners. I can teach you different drawing techniques, portraits, animals, drawing animal fur... How to use color pencils, layering, blending... For adults and children. Serious learners only.
San Lucia de Tirajana, Spain (104.2 km)
Handmade Items Arts and Crafts Coaching
If you would like to learn to make any kind of arts/crafts to sell, I would love to share knowledge with you as to how to handcraft paper mache, miniatures, frames, sculptures, pottery, painting, model making, mirrors etc. Home manufacturing is the future and empowers everyone.
NSW, Australia (16453.7 km)
[REQUEST] choreographer
someone to help us make our barefoot mud stomping dance look coordinated and unified. The barefoot mud stomping dance will take place in the summer time in the afternoon. The stompers will mix the mud to live music and drums and then a swarm of food servers will serve some light refreshments. The mixed mud will be formed into bricks to dry in the sun. Later the bricks and mud will be used to build and sculpt a functional community structure for and by the community
Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany (501.1 km)
Writing on signs, for in- and outdoors You provide the text and - if possible - material (wood, paper, metal), I create the layout and choose appropriate paint. I will take my time as I find it available, but finish the commission as soon as possible.
Essex, United Kingdom (46.5 km)
I I can provide woodworking services including; simple chairs, cupboards, planters, benches and stools. I usually use pallet wood (as it is free and readily available) I can also provide lessons in this skill. Please contact me for more information and a portfolio.
Quebec, Canada (5289.7 km)
[REQUEST] Wing chin wooden dummy
If anyone has a wingchun wooden dummy that they don't use or need please do let me know! I love these training dummies!
Niedersachsen, Germany (592.5 km)
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