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1,726km (1,079m)
A ride — If you need a ride somewhere , I am offering one within 60 mile radius. If you are able, just Reimburse for fuel used.
1,346km (841m)
Free Local Transportation — Arranged ahead of time, my Chevy Volt has about a 40 mile solar electric range. Doctor's appoint? Grocery shopping? Let me know and I will help. I have had my two vaccinations and will observe masking protocols.
878km (548m)
Lift share — I can offer you a ride somewhere...
1,445km (903m)
Driver — Moving,delivery,non emergency transport
1,445km (903m)
Driver — Driver,cdl b air brake,metro detroit,windsor
992km (620m)
food and supply delivery — Can deliver supplies and food to your doorstep if you are sick or at-risk population in home quarantine
1,924km (1,203m)
drive — drive from south etobicoke to doctors appt and back
2,086km (1,304m)
REQUEST: Assistance Using Public Transportation — I am unable to drive even the short distance to Philadelphia, and I would love to find someone available during the day to help me navigate public transportation so I can broaden my horizons a bit. There is only so much I can walk to near my home, and I am too nervous to attempt to learn this on my own. I'd love to have someone come meet me, and ride with me into philly to get lunch and then see me off afterwards so I don't get lost.
8,473km (5,295m)
REQUEST: carona, frete — Preciso de carona para enviar sementes orgânicas de Gravataí para Pelotas. Doação de sementes.Compartilhamento.
2,593km (1,621m)
Ride share — Ride share when available
1,797km (1,123m)
Transportation — Due to unacceptable amounts of urban sprawl, paired with a cruel lack of public transportation services, the only viable way to get anywhere in Pahrump is by car. Not everyone can afford a car, and many of the people who can simply are unfit to drive (but have no other choice). To help fix this, I can offer up to 10 rides to people in Pahrump per month: from anywhere in Pahrump, to anywhere in Pahrump. Please just let us discuss the details well in advance. I check this website no more than weekly, and cannot guarantee availability. The sooner we discuss the request before the actual ride, the more likely I will be able to do it.
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