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1,390km (868m)
Ascended Business Coaching — I will invite angelic guidance for the furthering of your business goals. Connect your soul-purpose to your business practice. Deepen your experience of joy and meaning in your work.
1,902km (1,189m)
Technology Help For Your Business — Does your business need help in the technology department? Let me know. I have over 20 years in IT ranging from Support to CIO. Let's bring your business to the 21st Century.
14,414km (9,008m)
Computer help — I can help you with your computer problem...
1,999km (1,249m)
Meditation and Philosophical Instruction — Every twelve hours I broadcast a livestream at where I share the Buddha's teachings, lead a guided meditation, and provide links to FREE downloads of practice materials. Absolutely NO donations are mandatory.
7,957km (4,973m)
Ayuda con el ordenador — Le puedo ayudar con algunos problemas con la computadora, hasta donde llegue mi conocimiento
8,306km (5,191m)
Introduction to permaculture — I'm going to start giving free permaculture courses online, together with Matthew Stephens from Chicago
8,370km (5,231m)
Computer-Hilfe (Windows), Smartphone-Hilfe (Android) — Ich helfe dir gerne bei deinen Computer-Problemen (Windows) oder Smartphone-Fragen (Android), online oder offline. Ich kann bei Software-Problemen helfen, also Programme installieren, deinstallieren, System bereinigen, neu aufsetzen, Bedienungshilfe in unterschiedlichsten Bereichen geben. Kenne mich auch ein wenig bei Hardware-Problemen aus. Bin allerdings kein professioneller Dienstleister, kanns einfach gut und mache es gerne.
1,683km (1,052m)
Computer help — I can help you with your computer problem.
4,159km (2,599m)
Computer help — I can help you with your computer problem...
8,048km (5,030m)
Training and Counseling — As a trainer of counselors and coaches, training and counseling goes hand in hand with me while counseling. You will have to put in the effort, but I am there to guide you. Archetypes, systemic work and early childhood sexual abuse trauma healing are my specialities in this feild.
7,601km (4,751m)
REQUEST: Tutor — Hello, I’m looking for tutor to teach basic primary subjects English , Maths. Thank you
8,672km (5,420m)
Gnu Linux general support
1,437km (898m)
Information that is full of hope and optimism — We can use zoom, discord, facetime,snapchat or whatever platform you prefer.
7,653km (4,783m)
Esperanto items — Two books, cassette tape of songs,and record (45 rpm) of pronunciation
2,687km (1,679m)
Math tutoring — I can help you with Prealgebra, Algebra 1 &2, Geometry, GED, SAT,ACT, Trigonometry via Zoom
7,641km (4,775m)
Maths Support — I can help support with learning functional maths skills. Helps me keep my working knowledge active too :)
7,950km (4,969m)
Help with homework — Do you or your child need help with homework for school?
1,999km (1,249m)
REQUEST: "Instagram LIVE" guidance — I am an itinerant Buddhist monk, tantrika and teacher who seeks to better support himself teaching meditation and philosophy through "Instagram LIVE;" however I am in need of mentoring in terms of marketing and technology.
6,460km (4,037m)
Books, Cooking, Writing and Editing (in Spanish), education and knowledge — I work in a university in Bolivia and I will be glad to help with sharing my books, writing and editing documents in Spanish and giving support with education and knowledge. More locally I would like to help people with cooking or keeping company talking, reading, etc.
3,830km (2,394m)
Libro: Zygmunt Bauman - "¿La riqueza de unos pocos nos beneficia a todos?" — Libro con algunas marcas de uso.


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