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4,159km (2,599m)
Moving boxes / furniture — I can help you move furniture of heavy boxes...
1,437km (898m)
Help with algebra or geometry — Can assist via zoom, facetime, or discord if you are far away.
1,169km (730m)
Free Live-in Helper — Need Free Live-in Child Care, Senior help, Family assistant, Business helper, Domestic & Cook helper, Teacher and Childcare, Builder & Construction Helper, Healer, Personal Training, etc... Whatever you need, let me know. Full background check provided and requested. References upon request. (The goal is to inspire people to help each other for the common good.)
8,471km (5,294m)
Helping hand — I will help anyone in need of assistance in various tasks, like moving, cleaning, carrying stuff, etc..
14,420km (9,012m)
fixing, chaingsawing — fixing small engines, household devices, etc. Can also help with tree cutting
13,818km (8,636m)
I fix all kinds of machines, chainsaw, brushcutter, washingmaschines etc — Fixing small engines, house hold devices etc. Also can help with tree cutting
2,354km (1,471m)
REQUEST: In search of various items, please. Currently disabled — I know this is a lot to ask. I'm disabled (intramedullary rod in the femur & hip on the right side), neuropathy in the left arm, hand and fingers, etc etc , & usually rely on someone to drive me (the transmission, & heater core, etc, just went out on their vehicle) (when my insurance is not driving me to appointments etc). While waiting on determination of if I will receive disability, I am in search of razors (or a razor), light concealer, deodorant, size medium (ladies) t-shirts (good condition)(preferably, a blend (polyester / cotton), size small (ladies) sweatpants (good condition)(that will reach my ankles)(generally, I am a size 2 to size 4), size 8 tennis / athletic shoes (good condition), size medium (good condition) sweatshirts, 36C bras (good condition), shampoo, body soap, 5htp, dish soap, laundry detergent, sandwich bags, saran wrap, paper kitchen towels, sheets (king, or full) (good condition),an oscillating fan, smart phone case, or protectors, a working printer / scanner
14,351km (8,969m)
REQUEST: Garden help — Someone to help brushcut and roughly weed my bush garden, about an acre.
7,657km (4,785m)
Gardening Services — Gardening services in exchange for organic produce
2,594km (1,621m)
REQUEST: Help fixing my dehydrator — It's a rectangular dehydrator with pull-out trays. It makes a loud sound when turned on (it didn’t used to be that loud) and I feel like the fan doesn't blow air as efficiently as it could... it may need to be taken apart so we can get to its insides. I don’t know barely anything about this kind of machinery. I have sewing machine oil to lube up its internal parts, but beyond that I don't know what to do for it. I also don’t know how to take it apart. I have various types and sizes of screwdrivers, pliers... but if you have any tools you think would be helpful, please being them. Thanks!! It would be so great to get it functioning properly again. I would rather fix the one I have than try to get a new one.
2,593km (1,621m)
House cleaning — Any and all house cleaning I'm your girl!
2,596km (1,622m)
REQUEST: Hot Tub Helper — Hot Tub Helper: I have a Hot Tub. I am looking for someone to help me to clean it up and get it back in condition I can share it on here. It may take a couple of helpers or a few times to get is up and running.
2,596km (1,622m)
Helping hand — I'm a strong physical individual. I currently have free time to give because of a disability. Please feel free to contact me if you need help with anything.
2,593km (1,621m)
Cleaning and organizing — Indoor and out door cleaning and organizing. Nothing TOO crazy please be nice! up to 2 hours at a time. Please provide equipment.
15,639km (9,774m)
Kitchen Decluttering — My take on our failing healthcare system (make no mistake, we have rising obesity rates,diabetes pandemic) is to purge the source contributing towards your illness and suffering. The Kitchen. You need someone to do the dirty work for you, the part where you couldn't let go of that bottle of Hershey's chocolate syrup, that moudling sponge that you claim it's perfectly fine for dishwashing. ew. Grab a hold of me to grab a hold on your life and be in better control with my help. **DO NOT CON
8,263km (5,164m)
Coups de main non spécialisés — A votre service
14,043km (8,776m)
REQUEST: Crew to prepare and serve some food for an extraordinary scene. — During the summer one afternoon we will be hosting a musical mud stomp as per There will be an audience, barefoot mud stomping dancers, live acoustic music and a couple boxes of oranges. Like clockwork at the end of the performance we need a team to swarm out with freshly cut oranges and serve them to the barefoot mud stompers.
8,850km (5,531m)
Brusenje nožev — Kdorkoli rabi pomoč pri svojih nožih, mu lahko pomagam.
13,865km (8,666m)
REQUEST: volonteers for forest regen project — people who can come and camp out, beautiful location, and help us with our mission
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