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456km (285m)
55 Gallon Steel Drum — I have many 55 Gallon Steel Drums available, first come first serve. These drums have closed tops with 2 bungs. They were used for ethyl alcohol and the insides are clean. These can be used in a plethora of Pinterest projects.
7,178km (4,486m)
Mexican Mint — Have this indoor plant in pots to share. Good herb for colds as tea or for inhaling
7,880km (4,925m)
Wendy house — This is a Free Wendy house that is currently collapsed ready for collection. Needs a bit of TLC - replacement of some timber, but would make a good Wendy house for someone. I can stand up inside and I'm 5 foot 10. Its hand built
7,957km (4,973m)
Pelle — Pelle alimentaire en inox, idéale grains, litières
7,127km (4,454m)
Plants — I have some plants that you are welcome to. Raspberry canes. First time I transplanted cuttings and they are starting to bud so ready to go into the ground. People say that they are invasive as their roots bolt underground but thats ok depending on where you plant them.
7,638km (4,774m)
George vacuum cleaner — George vacuum cleaner for borrow, only for trade-free person, empty Listers do not waist my time
8,171km (5,107m)
Staubsauger — Leihe dir gerne meinen Staubsauger aus.
8,271km (5,169m)
Sillo tou — Sillo comode per llegir
8,271km (5,169m)
Tauleta de vidre amb rodes — En bon estat. Te rodes i dos pisos
8,271km (5,169m)
Tauleta de café amb rodes — De fusta i metall. Té dos rallades en la superficia.
8,271km (5,169m)
Cadira — Cadira de peluqueria. En bona estat. Gira sobre ella mateixa y es tova.
7,435km (4,647m)
Double bed and headboard. — Double bed, with underbed storage, and headboard (not kingsize). Will go to charity if not picked up first.
7,435km (4,647m)
Pine effect wardrobe — Pine effect wardrobe. Will go to charity if not picked up first.
7,435km (4,647m)
Single bed — Single bed with underbed storage and pine headboard! Needs to go, will go to charity shops, when open, if it doesn't go on here first.
8,557km (5,348m)
REQUEST: Výpomoc se zahradou — Zdravím. Hledám nové přátele na občasnou výpomoc na zahradě. Na oplátku nabízím spoustu eko ovoce, ale také zapojení do unikátního projektu lokální bezpeněžní ekonomiky Copiosis. Již jsem toho pro Planetu mnoho vykonal, ale v okolí bohužel nikoho podobného neznám.
1,656km (1,035m)
Tru Earth Laundry Detergent Strips — I recently saw a YouTube ad about Tru Earth's laundry detergent strips. These strips replace the big plastic jugs that you'd normally use, and they come in more environmentally friendly packaging. More information can be found at the following website:
13,403km (8,376m)
REQUEST: Silver tarp — To keep my caravan cool in summer
1,378km (861m)
Firewood — Will deliver free!
8,268km (5,167m)
Sewing machine — You are very welcome to come by and borrow the sewing machine we have. It is an medium old reliable sewing machine, which can be used to repair and make both big and small projects
2,594km (1,621m)
REQUEST: Lamp or other indoor lights — A tall floor lamp would be ideal but any kind of desk lamp will do. Or hanging lantern, or christmas lights. My creative space needs better lighting.


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