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2,603km (1,627m)
Electronic Music Composition — I can compose a music piece to accompany any photo you might wish to share, or a video or any form of inspiration you might wish to share.
13,865km (8,666m)
Small acoustic guitar — Brand new. I bought it from Aldi, then realised it was the wrong size and type for me. Might suit you though?
7,641km (4,775m)
used 1975 Fender Guitar — used 1975 Fender Guitar, has been down for 2 years not used, the kids cut off one string . pickup anytime
1,889km (1,180m)
REQUEST: Guitar for deserving teen — I am mentoring a low income 14-year-old girl who has a dream to learn to play acoustic guitar. I am trying to find one for her in usable condition. Thanks for any help!
1,981km (1,238m)
Baldwin Upright Piano — Well-loved, needs tuning. Has not been played in four years.
7,469km (4,668m)
Song Mastering — Can do basic mastering to your tunes :)
878km (548m)
Music Consulting — For anyone who needs a little help figuring out what to listen to.
7,589km (4,743m)
Ross Digital Stereo Headphones — Ross brand digital stereo headphones in good working order. Requires 3.5mm stereo headphone jack on your device to work with it.
7,614km (4,759m)
Analogue surround sound system — It is cheap and nasty, but it does work. Very basic remote & sound controls. If you have analogue outputs from a PC motherboard or soundcard and you want to listen in surround sound this might suit you. I painted the satelite speakers to blend in better in my sisters living room, but the paint on the grills does muffle the sound somewhat. It is better with the grill removed when listening. Feel free to contact me for more pictures or info!
7,207km (4,504m)
Sony Reel to Reel Tape Recorder — Sony TC-270 quarter inch reel to reel tape recorder 7.5ips stereo with mono sound-on-sound function. I've had this for years and used it once. No longer needed and free to a good home. Collection only.
7,207km (4,504m)
Advice on music mixing and production — I have around 20 years experience recording professionally and can give you some good insights on mixing techniques that I've picked up over the years.
13,707km (8,567m)
Free Original Music License for your project — Hi friends, I'm offering free licence to anyone on sharebay to use any of my commercial music for free in their videos / projects. Please go to and add coupon code "sharebay" for free download at checkout. Love, RAME
7,207km (4,504m)
A selection of microphones — I have a selection of studio microphones you are welcome to borrow
7,638km (4,774m)
Oontz angle 3 wireless speaker — Oontz angle 3 wireless speaker. Amazing small wireless speaker!!! I love this speaker. Only for trade-free person. If you had nothing to gave away, I will refuse to give it. Share your trade-free products first!
7,653km (4,783m)
Roland Edirol PCR 300 MiDi keyboard — I've a spare midi controller from Roland (Edirol PCR 300) which I want to give away. It's USB connection is loose, and might need to be repaired to avoid disconnection issues. Let me know if any budding musicians / music producers want this! You can collect from my home if you're in our around Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Ronak / RAME
7,558km (4,724m)
REQUEST: mixer amplifier
7,509km (4,693m)
System Out Of date (Download single) — More free music from me, but this time it's all about the RBE message. Just go here: And enter zero as the price when "buying"
7,638km (4,774m)
OontZ angle 3 bluetooth speakers — Fcuking amazing little speakers. Give nice sound with a bass. I have for of them. Two 3s and another two 3generation.
14,686km (9,178m)
REQUEST: Studio interface — Essentially your audio interface is the 'middle man' in your recording studio that performs digital to analog and analog to digital conversion. The analog signal from your microphones and instruments is converted into a digital audio stream. So you can record and edit digital audio on your compu
14,686km (9,178m)
REQUEST: Sp404sx — The Roland SP-404 Sampling Workstation is a discontinued sampler made by Roland Corporation. Released in 2005.[1] It is part of the SP family and successor to Boss Corporation’s SP-505 sampler left off. The sampler was succeeded by the SP-555 in 2008, but was later given its own upgrade as the Roland SP-404SX Linear Wave Sampler in 2009.[2] Another upgrade, the Roland SP-404A Linear Wave Sampler was released in 2017.[3]


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