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7,445km (4,653m)
Dog walking — Free to dog walk with or without our husky. Abergavenny and surrounding area.
10,419km (6,512m)
Pet sitting, language exchange (English, Japanese or Spanish), friendship. — I love animals and my hobby is learning languages, so let me know if you need someone to look after your pet or are interested in learning any of the above languages. Also, Japan can be a very solitary place sometimes, if you need someone to talk or hang out, reach me. I also do Reiki if you are interested in spirituality.
2,535km (1,584m)
REQUEST: Fish/Pet Tank — A fish tank, glass tank for a small pet. I am going to be getting a few fish and do not have a tank. Can exchange my art if there is any request. :) Have a nice day
11,974km (7,484m)
Two dog kennels — Two medium to large dog kennels in reasonable condition.
2,593km (1,621m)
Pet sitting — Up to a few days of pet sitting for a small animal up to 20 pounds. Must be provided with food,potty trained, and everything it might need including a crate if that is necessary. must be good with kids. well behaved. I have a 5 year old. she is very good with animals.
7,975km (4,984m)
REQUEST: abri pour 5poules l'hiver — style niche a chien ou poulailler, je ferai le nécessaire pour qu'aucune fouine ou rat ne puissent y entrer l'hiver
375km (234m)
complimentary therapies for pets — Chinese medicine, reiki, chiropractic care for animals, I am not licensed to practice on humans
8,209km (5,131m)
Hundesitting — Ich kann auf kleine bis mittelgroße Hunde aufpassen. Ich bin seit 2 1/2 Jahren Besitzerin einer Chihuahua Hündin und seit vergangenem Januar haben wir eine Yorkshire Terrier Hündin aus dem Tierheim. Ich bin zwar kein Hundeprofi aber mal für ein paar Stunden kann ich gerne aufpassen. In der Regel hätte ich täglich ab 16:00 Uhr Zeit. An manchen Tagen muss ich jedoch nachmittags nochmal ein paar Stunden arbeiten, deshalb bitte rechtzeitig melden;)
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