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5,917km (3,698m)
Guillotine X compound crossbow 185lb 400fps — Guillotine X compound crossbow. 185lb 409fps. If you want to enjoy archery sport let me know. Crossbow the first from the right in the picture.
13,847km (8,654m)
1x Single Kayak ON LOAN — Hi there, I have 1x Single sit-on-top kayak (Viking) which you are welcome to borrow. Each has its seat(s) and paddle(s). I also have some buoyancy vests but would prefer if you use proper life-vest(s) (not provided). You must have your own means of transport like a roof rack or trailer and necessary tie-downs (ratchet straps). Happy to discuss and agree a duration case-by-case. I will appreciate if you return it in the condition you pick it up, all gear rinsed with fresh water so others can enjoy them for years to come. It's not a proper fishing kayak but I use it for kayak-camping-trips so there is some storage capacity. I trust if any damage occurred, you'd let me know and we work it out. I hope and trust you won't mind me taking a photo of your number plate.
5,917km (3,698m)
Personal Training — Offering free online personal Training( as well I have my private garage gym, you are welcome!
12,042km (7,526m)
travel services — Prozura Travel Agency is a leading company in United Kingdom which provide the best service of boat rentals for many years. We are recognized as the best in providing the boat and yacht service around the island of United Kingdom. We only focus on making your water trip smooth and adventurous.
15,946km (9,966m)
REQUEST: Camping Tent — Going to World Solar Challenge - from Darwin to Adelaide.
3,655km (2,284m)
Either fitness instruction or workout buddy — I teach and practice an extremely short and effective body-weight workout in my driveway. It is great for strength training as well as cardio training as it contains some plyometric elements. For those who wish to train with me I have a set of two equalizers that work well for both chin-up as well as pull-up training. For those who seek only instruction and will be training at home, if you cannot afford a set of equalizers a set of two matching chairs and a broom could work nicely, once the coordination learning curve has been factored in. I'm delighted to share my decades of experience with others :-)
15,218km (9,511m)
REQUEST: Strong bike locks — I am in need of a bike lock that can't be cut using boltcutters thx
6,530km (4,081m)
två tält — Kan vara bra eller dåligt skick (kunde inte testa)
6,682km (4,176m)
Verleihe Kanu Gats Cherokee 550 4er Kanadier — Verleihe Kanu Gats Cherokee 550 4er Kanadier Orange Alles in Ordnung. Liegt hier viel zu viel herum. 0176-41769138
10,083km (6,302m)
Snowboard — 154 Burton Custom Snowboard. Basic camber profile twin-like-shape Freestyle/ All Mountain Intermediate-Advanced It has a few scratches and dings but still a great board! No bindings! Board only.
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