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Technical Support
6,893km (4,308m)
Free Website Design Advice, Ideas and marketing — I would help you design you're website by giving you ideas on how to place a feature and how to make you're look good and how to place offers which customers buy and would help you design your website for completely free.
15,604km (9,752m)
Cyber Security/IT help — Will provide adhoc pro bono services
12,925km (8,078m)
Cryptocurrencies Introduction for Newbies — Hand-holding in setting up yourself in the cryptocurrency space when new,
7,992km (4,995m)
supporto informatico — aiuto a risolvere problemi con sistemi operativi microsoft e linux
7,441km (4,650m)
Computer help — I can help you with your computer problem...
12,925km (8,078m)
Remote Computer Support — 45 minutes of Zoom computer technical support.
1,229km (768m)
Computer Support - Windows AND Linux — Detailed instructions on how to determine if it is a hardware problem, software problem, or virus/malware problem
12,925km (8,078m)
Facebook profile security increase — Help you over Zoom to increase your Facebook profile security to decrease its hackability and increase its recovery.
14,232km (8,895m)
App Development Teaching — I will Teach Android mobile app development
6,861km (4,288m)
Linux technical support — I am currently offering support for english speaking members for Linux sound and graphical problems such as issues related to screen tearing or sound not playing correctly. I also offer support on ways of how to start a Linux application such as appimages if you are struggling, but please due to potential time wasters, only respond to this listing if you have at least a moderate technical skill and can follow instructions such as the ability to rename files, and is not afraid to use the Linux terminal to modify files and back them up if necessary.
400km (250m)
Help with your WordPress website — Have questions or need help finding a solution for your WordPress website? I can help guide you with most things. Just send me a message.
6,723km (4,202m)
Engineering Skills — I am ideally looking for any sort of engineering project, I have 10 years experience in Electrical and Mechanical engineering and would be interested in helping out on automation projects (or any other projects), Mainly aiming to gain additional knowledge and experience on my part and looking to input my knowledge where applicable. Happy to discuss any idea's/Projects you may have. I do have limited time due to work commitments.
7,263km (4,539m)
3D modelling — I'm a mechanical engineer, I can create 3D models according to you sketches. Native format NX (former unigraphics). Export to .stl / step etc. You can use .stl for 3D printing. Timing to be agreed. Max time app 2 hours.
454km (283m)
Internet Research — I spend a good amount of time doing research online for information on just about any topic of interest. I'd like to offer my services to perform research for you for your needs. I use my skills to search for best prices when shopping, information on pet issues, healthy eating and living, searches regarding our world happenings, etc. I can do the research and send you links for the answers to what you might be long as what you ask is NOT immoral, unethical or illegal.
8,039km (5,024m)
Computers — Having trouble using computers, or weird glitches you'd like to get rid of. I am available to help. we can do this either in Finnish or in English
8,166km (5,103m)
REQUEST: linux computers — Linux multi-monitor : I need help to set up linux on Fujitsu Esprimo 520 desktop with two Nvidia quadro nvs 440 to enable multi-monitor desktop in linux. Michael
13,441km (8,401m)
IT Support, Data recovery services — I have been in the Information Technology industry for 24 years, and have picked up some skills along the way. I can help you with your IT problem. Let me know. Preferably remote support (Teamviewer), or if you are in the area, you need to make an appointment to see me. Contact via email or WhatsApp preferable. Lets do this!
1,405km (878m)
Computer assistance — Have been working with, assembling, disassembling, teaching about and lessening frustrations over computers for over 30 years. Former attorney who quit to pursue my passion. Am a Microsoft™ Certified Professional, but also can assist with Macs. Can assist you & solve the vast majority of problems remotely using TeamViewer™ 12 remote desktop software for which I have a paid license, but which is a free download for you. If there is another free platform that you wish to use, please contact me.
8,892km (5,557m)
Computer Support, PC remote support, Android smartphone remote support — If you need remote or on-site PC or android service or support I can help you
7,948km (4,967m)
IT — Do you need some help to learn PC/Internet? or to set up you home-/small-office network? deutsch, english, cesky


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