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7,641km (4,775m)
Kitchen Gadgets — I have a bread maker that you can have
7,820km (4,887m)
Pain au levain — Je peux vous apprendre à faire votre pain au levain et levain maison.
7,762km (4,851m)
recettes végétariennes — Bonjour, végétariens depuis plus de 10 ans, nous adorons cuisiner et faire découvrir des plats ainsi que des épices, condiments peu connus disponibles au jardin pour certains !
956km (597m)
Cooking veggie meals — I cook yummy inexpensive, healthy meals. I Enjoy creating meal plans that fit the needs of people who wish to shift to a healthy way to live for all.
2,594km (1,621m)
REQUEST: Blender — Ideally I want a Vitamix or Blendtec, but will accept any functional blender.
2,594km (1,621m)
REQUEST: Food Processor — I have a tiny one that can do some basic stuff, but I would like a larger one that can handle bigger food projects.
2,593km (1,621m)
Potluck Dish — I will be making a delicious dish to share at our potluck!
2,593km (1,621m)
Raw Dairy Processing — Would you like to discover the delicious nature of Raw Dairy? Come learn how to make your own yogurt, butter, cheese and more! We are a drop site for organically raised, free ranging grass fed Raw Milk, and each week we make our own dairy products!
7,951km (4,969m)
Des compétences en cuisine. Un endroit ou se poser quelques jours. — Cuisine bio végétarienne. Chambre dans une maison à la campagne
1,999km (1,249m)
Help for a vegan diet — Will be happy to give support and share info and resources for anyone new to or investigating a vegan diet.
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