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723km (452m)
REQUEST: I'm looking to barter land for off grid living... — I will barter my skills for some farm land, ranch land, undeveloped land, etc... I will place a temporary structure on the land, like a Yurt Tent or tiny house on a flatbed. I will help you heal your soil for organic food garden. (I'm a Tantra Yoga Teacher) I'm open to living anywhere...
5,937km (3,710m)
REQUEST: Wanted anything newborn — I'm currently 14w pregnant and struggling financially. Me and the partner are on benefits and were wondering if anyone had any new born - 9 month old baby bits that their no longer needing? We don't mind if it's sterile and in good working order. We're currently looking for: Clothes, push chairs, Moses basket, cot, car seat, sterilisers, changing bag, grow egg, baby monitors, bedding. That would be much appreciated. We're find out the gender in just under 4weeks so anything mutual would be amazing. Thank you
821km (513m)
REQUEST: Toiletry Items for Hygiene Kits — We make hygiene kits to give to various underserved communities, and we usually rely on non-financial donations in order to make this happen. Items that go into the kits include soap/body wash, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, pads, razors, lip balm, hand sanitizer, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and dental floss. We accept other personal care and beauty items too. Our only limitations is that everything is unused. We also prefer travel-sized or small sized items, but you are more than welcome to give larger sized items if you’d like.
5,505km (3,441m)
REQUEST: An end to lockdowns
354km (221m)
REQUEST: Baby girl items — Hi I'm looking for baby girl clothing size preemie to newborn. Newborn diapers. Socks and hats, blankets, bottles and pacifiers. Thank you. Location: Brooklyn NY
6,720km (4,200m)
REQUEST: Articles about volunteerism, alternative living, sharing economy — I am looking for articles to publish on a couple of website I manage: (slow travelling)
5,919km (3,699m)
REQUEST: microwave — Just a simple, clean and fully working microwave
6,723km (4,202m)
REQUEST: Land to create a UBUNTU based community — I am looking for a plot of land to create a small community, based on the UBUNTU philosophie, with tiny houses, where we don't need money anymore and where grow our own food.
852km (532m)
REQUEST: Prosecco corks or similar — Would like several prosecco or champagne corks for a project. Thank you!
2,651km (1,656m)
REQUEST: old fabric, beads, used jewelry — We need unwanted jewelry, fabric, and clothes for a charity project. Check out to find out what we are doing...
14,366km (8,979m)
REQUEST: Builder / Handy Person Needed — Hi I have several projects on the house and motor-home that are stretching my capability I could do with a hand and or advice please - - I Can offer accommodation and meals if wanted in return
14,366km (8,979m)
REQUEST: General Hand Around the Yard — We have a good size property and due to ill health it has got away on me any help appreciated
12,754km (7,971m)
REQUEST: Builder — We are a rural NGO building a skills development centre in Luphuko, Wild Coast (Eastern Cape) and we need services of a builder.
12,754km (7,971m)
REQUEST: Building material — We are building a skills development centre in Luphuko, Wild Coast (Pondoland),. We have ran out of building material - bricks, cement, roofing etc.
20km (12m)
REQUEST: Guitar for deserving teen — I am mentoring a low income 14-year-old girl who has a dream to learn to play acoustic guitar. I am trying to find one for her in usable condition. Thanks for any help!
2,904km (1,815m)
REQUEST: Words of Wisdom — Dear reader, Do you have any words of wisdom you'd like to share? I'm not looking for anything specific. You can share advice on any topic whatsoever. You can write something to me, you can share a video or an article with doesn't matter. I just want to find more truth to embody as I trek on my journey back to Source. John
692km (433m)
REQUEST: Graphic Designer — A quick job I think - I need a "hipper" look to the graphic I made in Word. This graphic should be legendary as it is the blueprint for the new society. This blueprint will make politicians obsolete. file:///C:/Users/chris%20pratt/Documents/Denise/Journal/Frederick%20Reed/Egalitarian%20Proposal%20System.pdf
5,928km (3,705m)
REQUEST: Dungeons and Dragons Geek — Hello my name is Damion I'm 40 with autism.. Pretty lonely at the moment so I would like a d&d geek to chat an play online games with... I've restarted playing Dungeons and Dragons Online(tm) and there are few people online to game with.. So if you want to talk/game with a fellow geek then send a chat.
3,608km (2,255m)
REQUEST: Electrician/ electrical engineer — I am looking for person to be able to help me build out the plans & kits I have for a magnetic motor and generator that can be scaled to power virtually anything. Getting ready to just do it on my own, but welcome collaboration with experienced electricians. I plan to scale free power multiple projects, and income streams. Wanna join?
692km (433m)
REQUEST: Graphic designer — I'm looking for a graphic designer to make the current 13 moon calendar into pdf pages. Design has already been done, just needs to be copied into current dates. Happy to consider barters in thanks for your work.


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