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Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom (0.0 km)
[REQUEST] Baby boy clothes
Looking for baby boy clothes 6 months plus
Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom (0.0 km)
[REQUEST] Tumble dryer
Need a small tumble dryer please and thank you
Middlesex, United Kingdom (28.5 km)
[REQUEST] Laser color printer(got on ebay for 70£)
Looking for laser color printer. I have not laser one. As I am printing a lot I need a better one. Not for selling or printing as trade-free. As I got plenty offers here- I found hp laser pro 400 printer for 70£. Thanks guys!
Middlesex, United Kingdom (28.5 km)
[REQUEST] mechanic to fix my car(car shaking while driving)(fixed)
Need a mechanic to fix my car. car starts shaking after 50-60ml/h. roll bar joint tired, maybe bearing or some other issues. can pay the tyres was causing problems ,but change streaaring collumn only for 170£. found a part for 40£ on ebay(origalu cost 700£) super bargain.
Middlesex, United Kingdom (28.5 km)
[REQUEST] 4 tyres 15 inch 185/60 84h (got from ebay)
Looking for car 4 tyres 15 inch 158/60 84h. need fitting and balancing. Can pay. got from ebay with orginal alloy and tyres only for 120£
BC, Canada (7661.1 km)
[REQUEST] Looking for like minds to setup a local Open Source, Shared Resource Commons
I am looking for like minded individuals who want to help move beyond the monetary paradigm by coming together to create an Open Source, Shared Resource Commons on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. We may need more than one. Total Pop of 870,000 Looking to brainstorm, collaborate, share ideas and create a plan which can be executed on and mirrored around the globe. You do not have to be local - if we had 100 people in 100 different locations we can then launch globally simultaneously.
Western , Kenya (0.0 km)
[REQUEST] Medicine for jigger prevention
I am seeking funds to buy medicine to continue treating children suffering from jiggers.
Colorado, United States (7369.8 km)
[REQUEST] An invitation to read:
The book series Anastasia and the ringing cedars of Russia by Vladimir Megre
Florida, United States (63.3 km)
[REQUEST] Would like to learn bike repair skills
I would like to learn how to work on bicycles hopefully be an apprentice to a bicycle mechanic
Middlesex, United Kingdom (28.5 km)
[REQUEST] Frozen rats rodents
Looking large rats for my python. Can be wild one if caugth any. But not killed with poison. My python is starving for your lovely rats.
Vermont, United States (5281.2 km)
[REQUEST] Looking for a voice recorder
Hi - have you got a spare hand held voice recorder you no longer need but that works well? I would be happy to pay for shipping.
India, India (0.0 km)
[REQUEST] Laptop,computer
I want laptop/computer for my studies
India, India (0.0 km)
[REQUEST] Laptop
I want free laptop for my studies I can't afford anyone help me plz
Northamptonshire, United Kingdom (109.5 km)
NC, United States (6515.4 km)
[REQUEST] Like Minded People in Western NC Mountains
Looking to get together and discuss like interests and some possibility of purchasing land for tiny home living in this area. Ways we can share time and skills together and forming a supportive group of people who enjoy sharing. I am open to talking about pretty much everything. Let's get together and chat. I grow food and make medicine and other products with plant based ingredients, enjoy tiny living, nature, art, life. Send me a message if you are in this area or plan to be in this area.
Middlesex, United Kingdom (28.5 km)
[REQUEST] Garmin watch fenix or solar
Looking for Garmin watch fenix or solar because my garmin fenix 3 stoped working
Middlesex, United Kingdom (28.5 km)
[REQUEST] Plywood or mdf board
Looking for plywood or mdf board.any decent board will help
Middlesex, United Kingdom (28.5 km)
[REQUEST] Looking for hemp seed oil
Looking for hemp seed oil. need 2 bottles(30ml) per month
CA, United States (8760.6 km)
[REQUEST] Bicycle (beach cruiser)
Looking for a bicycle in or near Los Angeles.
Middlesex, United Kingdom (28.5 km)
[REQUEST] Mobile phone from the list(old phone)
Looking for the mobile phone to try ubuntu touch. you can find a list here or in the photo. Oneplus One (bacon) Bq Aquaris M10 FHD (frieza) Nexus 5 (hammerhead) Fairphone 2 (FP2) Bq Aquaris M10 HD (cooler) Nexus 4 (mako) VollaPhone (yggdrasil) Bq Aquaris E5 (vegetahd) Meizu Pro 5 (turbo) legacy Bq Aquaris E4.5 (krillin) Meizu MX4 (arale) legacy Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus (vince)