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Middlesex, United Kingdom (28.5 km)
Raspberry pi 3 b+ 1gb
Raspberry pi 3 b+ 1gb. Only for trade-free person. Give your trade-free products if you want less corruption. Pick up from UK EN3.
Tarragona, Spain (1145.0 km)
Wifi sin linea
Con una tarjeta SIM puedes crear una wifi
Tarragona, Spain (1145.0 km)
Network card
Usb 2.0, 50MBPS 20 dBi
Tarragona, Spain (1145.0 km)
Usb internet dongle
Com nou, affegeixes una tarjeta sim, l'endolles al un portatil i tens internet.
India, India (0.0 km)
[REQUEST] Laptop,computer
I want laptop/computer for my studies
India, India (0.0 km)
[REQUEST] Laptop
I want free laptop for my studies I can't afford anyone help me plz
Middlesex, United Kingdom (28.5 km)
Usb stick flash drive 8gb with TROMjaro boot
Usb drive(8gb) with Tromjaro boot(linux), boot your pc or laptop from USB, try it, if you like it- install and enjoy!!
Middlesex, United Kingdom (28.5 km)
Trade-free wifi hotspot
Trade-free wifi hotspot. United Kingdom en3 6st Wifi name Password Tradefree1 Enjoy!!!
Middlesex, United Kingdom (28.5 km)
Power supply pc 375w
Power supply 375w. Do not have sata connections only 4 pin connectors, you can make it with additional cables. Local pick up
Florida, United States (6980.7 km)
Tech support
Anyone need any help, advice with tech? Computers, windows, Mac, iPhone, Android? I’ve built a few windows computers in my spare time. Can help troubleshoot or whatever.
Middlesex, United Kingdom (28.5 km)
Veho Bluetooth wireless headphones phone pc
Wireless bluetooth headphone, mice sound and bass, recommended. Veho uk built.
Middlesex, United Kingdom (28.5 km)
Blue microphone
Blue ball microphone.
Mazowieckie, Poland (1417.5 km)
Assembler programming for PIC microcontrollers
I am Microchip pic assembler enthusiast creator. I am happy to help learning pic assembler and create programs for projects around pic microcontrollers. Michael, tel. +48 720 777 545 email: [email protected] Youtube
Middlesex, United Kingdom (28.5 km)
Building the pc
I can help you to build your pc, building pc is cheaper when to buy a new one. My latest works in the picture.
Plovdiv, Bulgaria (2122.2 km)
[REQUEST] Computadora Portatil en funcionamiento
Necesito una computadora portatil en funcionamiento
Co. Wexford, Ireland (454.6 km)
ATX PC Power Supply
Brand new, bought in error. Free if you pay postage or collect. Make/model number: CIT 400HE.
Western Cape, South Africa (9662.0 km)
AC750 Dual Band Wireless Router
The DIR-816 Wireless AC750 Dual Band Router is an affordable yet powerful wireless networking solution which combines the latest high-speed 802.11ac Wi-Fi specification with dual-band technology and fast Ethernet ports to deliver a seamless networking experience. The increased range and reliability of wireless AC technology reaches farther into your home, and advanced security features keep your network and data safe from intruders.
Tennessee, United States (6623.6 km)
Internet Research
I spend a good amount of time doing research online for information on just about any topic of interest. I'd like to offer my services to perform research for you for your needs. I use my skills to search for best prices when shopping, information on pet issues, healthy eating and living, searches regarding our world happenings, etc. I can do the research and send you links for the answers to what you might be long as what you ask is NOT immoral, unethical or illegal.
Soenderjylland, Denmark (751.7 km)
Do you need help whit your computer? I offer support on Microsoft, Ubuntu, Android and Iphone. Please do not hesitate to contact me.
Co. Wexford, Ireland (454.6 km)
[REQUEST] Advice on cheap high spec PC to run Ubuntu
I need a fast PC to run Ubuntu with Kdenlive or Openshot for video editing. I've had many problems with Ubuntu on some machines but would prefer to keep using it if I can find some really reliable and cheap hardware to run it properly.