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Change and bad behavior like smoking bad diet etc.., — I'm here to educate, motivate, and create health behaviors for individuals whatever that may be.
7,745km (4,841m)
Personal training or advice on fitness and general nutrition — I am a level 3qaulified personal trainer I would like to offer service to people who need it and can’t afford to pay I will offer this on a set days every week only, as I have limited time. I will have limited availability x
16,967km (10,604m)
Life advice — Happy to share some of life experience with you..
7,549km (4,718m)
Try Hypnotherapy ⚡ — Qualified travelling hypnotherapist offering pay-as-you-feel professional online hypnosis to all. Read my profile for more info or go to ⚡
7,569km (4,730m)
REQUEST: Marketing — i have a vision for fully integrated health & social care services that are all inclusive of all people / opinions. There is a rough plan here - Main page - At my end this is an entirely non profit project. i have interest from some others, including a mental health professional. What we are now looking for is for someone experienced in marketing to try & take this vision / project further & to try & give it a more mass appeal. Thanks.
3,046km (1,904m)
Life advice — Happy to share some of life experience with you.. How to create internal mind and heart quietness. It will improve your health and focus.
2,589km (1,618m)
Cancer Potential Help Information — Information that has helped others in my experience.
1,224km (765m)
Alternative Health Care Guidance — I'm a classical practitioner of homeopathy (PDHom), trained in UK. I also prescribe bach flower remedies, and I utilize information from a person's Human Design as well, if needed, to get you back on the track of ease and well-being. If you're ready to break free of conventional medicine. I'm your guide!
7,638km (4,774m)
Bicycle for ride — Bicycle for ride. You will bicycle with me. After ride you will be given a nice healthy meal. You can book a trade-free workout at
2,204km (1,377m)
Remote energy healing (or in-person on CA central coast) — I am going through a course of study in Christof Melchizedek's Neo-Shamanic Society and performing case studies. Any physical or mental health challenges can be addressed at their most fundamental level through this offering. Please connect to schedule a session and hopefully you'll opt to receive a series of sessions to guide and fortify your healing journey!
1,680km (1,050m)
consultant call on any of my areas of expertise — 1. child care/development/health maintenance 2. permaculture/food foresting/seed saving 3. food preservation 4. pattern/template swap requests 5. little free library placement 6. animal care 7. anything else on my list
12,780km (7,987m)
Compassionate Listening and/or Recommendations — Anyone keen for a compassionate listening ear and/or recommendations around health and wellness, consciousness, self love, yoga, alternative living, personal sovereignty, death and dying, birthing please get in touch. I am willing to offer my time for support.
2,693km (1,683m)
Fruit based diet lifestyle coaching — 20 years on a fully raw fruit based vegan lifestyle. I offer skills and support and permaculture design.
7,147km (4,466m)
REQUEST: An end to lockdown
2,594km (1,621m)
Organic chia seeds — I have about 9 lbs available. Take as much as you want.
14,913km (9,320m)
Reiki — Hands on or distant healing
7,653km (4,783m)
Turmeric — Grown without chemicals, dug up fresh as needed
8,115km (5,072m)
Fußreflexzonenmassage — a foot massage, somewhere outside if you like
1,726km (1,079m)
Life advice — Happy to share some of life experience with you..
1,422km (888m)
Massage — Hi! I’m a massage practitioner, and I am offering a free thirty minute session.


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