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2,593km (1,621m)
REQUEST: Handyman craftsman for help with my tiny home — I need some help with my tiny home... here's some things that need to be done plumbing living room and kitchen cabinet making kitchen counters stairs designed and built
1,346km (841m)
REQUEST: Like Minded People in Western NC Mountains — Looking to get together and discuss like interests and some possibility of purchasing land for tiny home living in this area. Ways we can share time and skills together and forming a supportive group of people who enjoy sharing. I am open to talking about pretty much everything. Let's get together and chat. I grow food and make medicine and other products with plant based ingredients, enjoy tiny living, nature, art, life. Send me a message if you are in this area or plan to be in this area.
8,271km (5,169m)
Tauleta de café amb rodes — De fusta i metall. Té dos rallades en la superficia.
8,171km (5,107m)
Staubsauger — Leihe dir gerne meinen Staubsauger aus.
8,829km (5,518m)
Electric drill — Low power (500W), has hammer function. Some drill bits are also availble.
1,720km (1,075m)
Drum Circle Leader — I am offering to lead people in making merry sounds with all kinds of percussive implements. In your home, outside, maybe even parade around town.
8,271km (5,169m)
Tauleta de vidre amb rodes — En bon estat. Te rodes i dos pisos
8,271km (5,169m)
Cadira — Cadira de peluqueria. En bona estat. Gira sobre ella mateixa y es tova.
8,670km (5,419m)
IT — Do you need some help to learn PC/Internet? or to set up you home-/small-office network? deutsch, english, cesky
7,178km (4,486m)
Mexican Mint — Have this indoor plant in pots to share. Good herb for colds as tea or for inhaling
7,127km (4,454m)
Plants — I have some plants that you are welcome to. Raspberry canes. First time I transplanted cuttings and they are starting to bud so ready to go into the ground. People say that they are invasive as their roots bolt underground but thats ok depending on where you plant them.
992km (620m)
food and supply delivery — Can deliver supplies and food to your doorstep if you are sick or at-risk population in home quarantine
8,271km (5,169m)
Sillo tou — Sillo comode per llegir
7,558km (4,723m)
Advice on all building work and specialist plastering tuition — Plastering tuition, and general information about home improvement
7,435km (4,647m)
Pine effect wardrobe — Pine effect wardrobe. Will go to charity if not picked up first.
14,686km (9,178m)
Cooking Lessons — Quick and Easy Recipes that are easy to replicate at home.
7,435km (4,647m)
Single bed — Single bed with underbed storage and pine headboard! Needs to go, will go to charity shops, when open, if it doesn't go on here first.
2,573km (1,608m)
Dishes — In good shape, previously used dishes. Dishes are clean. And ready to go to their new home. A couple sets available. Some loose plates (don’t match)
14,043km (8,776m)
community meal — On some Monday evenings some community minded individuals have been gathering for a meal.
1,066km (666m)
REQUEST: Need Roof Repair! — I am seeking assistance for roof repairs in the St. Paul MN area. It is for a young woman who has several pets. A tree fell on the roof of her house, creating a large hole. Very dangerous with the onsetof winter weather!!! I am in Aurora, Co reaching out to anyone that can help!


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