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Free artificial intelligence material — This is free material for artificial intelligence and this is for dedicated people only as the content is large and limited it's very useful for becoming professionals in artificial intelligence. This material has very much demand in the market and you need to have a minimum skills. The material include video's, PDFs, books and many more. Trade-free people are given more preference. Thank you...
6,758km (4,223m)
Software development for community project — I am a freelance professional software developer. I offer my expertise from remote and in the limit of my available free time for projects that provide value to a community, evolution in society and/or promote ethics of ecology and compassion. I'm open to discuss any idea and I have mines to share.
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Holochain Advice — Are you creating a project and thinking of building it with Holochain but you have some questions? Then I can certainly help you. I'm very active in the Holochain community and know the workings of Holochain quite well to help you decide if and how Holochain would work with your project.
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