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Baden Württemberg, Germany (679.6 km)
[REQUEST] street musisions in spain
making musik and live in spain, on the street, at homes, in clubs, on festivals etc..
Baden Württemberg, Germany (679.6 km)
[REQUEST] streetmusisions in france
making musik and live in france on streets, homes, clubs, festivals etc..
Baden Württemberg, Germany (679.6 km)
[REQUEST] street musisions in italy
making musik in italy- in streets, at homes, in clubs, etc
OR, United States (8031.5 km)
Hot Springs Getaway!
Do you enjoy Nature and a good Soak? Cougar or other great Hot Springs location. Want to co create a Hot Springs Getaway? I have the SUV and the time... We could go to Cougar AKA Terwilliger Hot Springs. Cougar features a chain of stair stepped pools fed by a small cave in a wooded ravine. Each of the 5 rock walled pools are slightly cooler than the other starting from 112 and ending near 90 degrees. Located deep beneath a canopy of primeval forest. (3 available) Let's Go!
New York, United States (5514.8 km)
[REQUEST] Bodywork
No training necessary because we can train you for free. Requires grip strength but you can work up to it if you don't have it. Examples of people with grip strength are animal milkers, tool holders, gardeners, carpenters, rock climbers... Also is good if you have good body awareness but we can train you to have this too. You can also receive time credits through us for free. This type of bodywork is helpful to the immune system, fat metabolism, athletic performance, overall performance.
Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany (530.1 km)
Guitar lessons
rock / pop guitar lessons
Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany (528.8 km)
Guitar Lessons beginner / Intermediate Rock/Pop
Beginner / Intermediate Rock/Pop..acoustic or electric.I can visit you locally too if you like...i have had experience teaching guitar before. I am english and my German is pretty poor!