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5,886km (3,679m)
Life Coaching — 30min free virtual consultation (no upselling I guarantee) to have a chat about what’s troubling you, learn some easy strategies & techniques to clear anxiety/fears and some fast-working tips on how to boost your confidence today.
3,791km (2,369m)
Social Media Coaching — 1 hour of Social Media Coaching. -- Thomas
1,457km (910m)
Ascended Business Coaching — I will invite angelic guidance for the furthering of your business goals. Connect your soul-purpose to your business practice. Deepen your experience of joy and meaning in your work.
13,850km (8,656m)
Life & computing coaching, sustainable gardening — I have a variety of skills in computing (not internet), raise some of my own food and ever since getting sober 26 years ago have been on a path of personal development.
5,281km (3,301m)
Meditation guidance/ lifecoaching — Hi, feel honored to be part of this amazing movement. I have been practicing meditation for over 20 year I would be happy to help you understand how the it cAn help you live a more easeful and peaceful life. I live about 14 km north of Galway. 3 sessions currently Available.
3,791km (2,369m)
Business Mentor — Are you interested in being mentored in business? Building a Sustainable Business is not easy. One hour a week. This is also known as creating a Power Partner relationship.
817km (510m)
Self Care/Self Love Coaching on Skype — My name is Sandra and I am a Self Love Coach. I would be interested in giving support and sharing my insights on Skype calls.
7,188km (4,492m)
Professional Life Coach — I have been on path of personal growth since year 2000 and have been since 2010 part of Desteni group that offers free online courses for self-perfection and advanced information about the history of universe, planet earth and humans.
6,208km (3,880m)
Servicio de coach y orientación para adolescentes — Ofrezco servicio de coaching y orientación para cualquier persona pero, me siento más preparado para ayudar adolescentes. Haríamos sesiones por teléfono, tele o videoconferencia.
18,582km (11,613m)
Debt Reduction Coach — You will be getting my 2 week 1 on 1 coaching to help you setup your new Debt Reduction program.
2,651km (1,656m)
Handmade Items Arts and Crafts Coaching — If you would like to learn to make any kind of arts/crafts to sell, I would love to share knowledge with you as to how to handcraft paper mache, miniatures, frames, sculptures, pottery, painting, model making, mirrors etc. Home manufacturing is the future and empowers everyone.
3,685km (2,303m)
Fruit based diet lifestyle coaching — 20 years on a fully raw fruit based vegan lifestyle. I offer skills and support and permaculture design.
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