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1,119km (699m)
REQUEST: Hay donations for compost/food forest floor — Needing any/all hay/straw/grass clippings fresh or old and even moldy hay to use as composting floor for our permaculture food forest...must be delivered as we have no trailer yet...Located at HT3 site in Suwannee County Florida area... ...Thanks Friends !!!
248km (155m)
compost tumbler very large (costs $500 new) — large compost tumbler on stand with gears that turn it.
1,497km (935m)
55 Gallon Steel Drum — I have many 55 Gallon Steel Drums available, first come first serve. These drums have closed tops with 2 bungs. They were used for ethyl alcohol and the insides are clean. These can be used in a plethora of Pinterest projects.
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