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Computer help — I can help you with your computer problem...
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REQUEST: Laptop,computer — I want laptop/computer for my studies
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4GB DDR3L SO-DIMM 1600MHz RAM module — 4GB DDR3L SO-DIMM PC3-12800, 1600MHz RAM module to upgrade your computer. Brand OWC. One only. Please double check model is compatible with your computer otherwise it won't work.
188km (117m)
Help with building a computer — If you need any assistance putting parts in your computer, i may be able to help.
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Computer help — I can help you with your computer problem.
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Computer help — I can help you with your computer problem...
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Computer help — I can help you with your computer problem...
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Dell Inspiron 545s - Functional System Parts — I've disassembled my old PC, which has several functional parts, which I'm giving away. Let me know if you need any. For sale, Dell Inspiron 545s system parts... Original monitor, 19" screen 2GB RAM DDR2 DIMM 800 MHz x 4 units. Intel Core 2 Duo processor. SMPS unit. CD-DVD R/W. Original motherboard.* Only Requires IC clock replacement. Keyboard with usb cable.
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Basic computer and phone help — Getting around in your phone and computer. Plus skills like creating basic websites and business cards.
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Computer help — I can help you with various computer issues. Might be software related (Windows, Office365), hardware (printers, HDD:s). Also proficient in SAP ERP (various modules).
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TRomJaro Computers — Tromjaro computers, you can claim trade-free computer at you can donate your unwanted laptop or pc to this great project, or other ways to participate in cerating trade-free product and services
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Computer assistance — Have been working with, assembling, disassembling, teaching about and sharing frustrations over computers for over 30 years. Former attorney who quit to pursue my passion. Am a Microsoft® Certified Professional, but also can assist with Macs.
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Remote Computer Support — 45 minutes of Zoom computer technical support.
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Computer Support - Windows AND Linux — Detailed instructions on how to determine if it is a hardware problem, software problem, or virus/malware problem
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REQUEST: Virtual vr Glasses — looking for cheap virtual glasses to watch 3d trom videos.
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VBA computer programming tutoring — I will teach you to program computers in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). It isn't a hot language, but it's very accessible. It's integrated into Microsoft Office, so you can start using your new skills immediately.
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Repair services — motorcycle mechanics and electronic repair, computer repair, automotive electronics and repair.
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Anti-glare computer monitor screen — Fits 406-432 mm (16"-17") CRT and LCD monitors. Anti-static (CRT) Anti-radiation Anti-glare If your eyes get tired or sore after too many hours looking at older computer screens this could help. Feel free to contact me for more pictures or info.
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REQUEST: Old/used computers/laptops? — Does anyone have any old or used computers or laptops? They don't have to be refurbished and if you still have the battery for the laptops, that'll be great too! I’m planning to refurbish old and used laptops/computers and give them to low-income schools and communities and teach computer literacy to them. Please contact me if you have this. Thanks! (Disregard the amount needed - any amount that you can offer is appreciated)
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Computer-Hilfe (Windows), Smartphone-Hilfe (Android) — Ich helfe dir gerne bei deinen Computer-Problemen (Windows) oder Smartphone-Fragen (Android), online oder offline. Ich kann bei Software-Problemen helfen, also Programme installieren, deinstallieren, System bereinigen, neu aufsetzen, Bedienungshilfe in unterschiedlichsten Bereichen geben. Kenne mich auch ein wenig bei Hardware-Problemen aus. Bin allerdings kein professioneller Dienstleister, kanns einfach gut und mache es gerne.


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