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7,054km (4,409m)
Computers — Having trouble using computers, or weird glitches you'd like to get rid of. I am available to help. we can do this either in Finnish or in English
1,257km (785m)
Tech support — Anyone need any help, advice with tech? Computers, windows, Mac, iPhone, Android? I’ve built a few windows computers in my spare time. Can help troubleshoot or whatever.
2,149km (1,343m)
Computer assistance — Have been working with, assembling, disassembling, teaching about and lessening frustrations over computers for over 30 years. Former attorney who quit to pursue my passion. Am a Microsoft™ Certified Professional, but also can assist with Macs. Can assist you & solve the vast majority of problems remotely using TeamViewer™ 12 remote desktop software for which I have a paid license, but which is a free download for you. If there is another free platform that you wish to use, please contact me.
5,917km (3,698m)
TRomJaro Computers — Tromjaro computers, you can claim trade-free computer at you can donate your unwanted laptop or pc to this great project, or other ways to participate in cerating trade-free product and services
357km (223m)
Computer help — I can help you with your computer problem.
7,183km (4,489m)
REQUEST: linux computers — Linux multi-monitor : I need help to set up linux on Fujitsu Esprimo 520 desktop with two Nvidia quadro nvs 440 to enable multi-monitor desktop in linux. Michael [email protected]
5,928km (3,705m)
REQUEST: Laptop,computer — I want laptop/computer for my studies
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