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5,928km (3,705m)
Roland Edirol PCR 300 MiDi keyboard — I've a spare midi controller from Roland (Edirol PCR 300) which I want to give away. It's USB connection is loose, and might need to be repaired to avoid disconnection issues. Let me know if any budding musicians / music producers want this! You can collect from my home if you're in our around Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Ronak / RAME
1,034km (646m)
REQUEST: Social change activists — Engage yourselves, enhance the connection between us, to attain social cohesion developed in alternatives to capitalism and for-profit systems or intentions. Opt-out of the matrix of lies! Greater organisation happens now, 2020, the year of JUBILEE..... seize the day!
6,499km (4,061m)
REQUEST: smartphone — Je cherche un smarthone avec connection 4g pour pouvoir profiter des 100Go pour lesquelles je paye. Maintenant j'ai un smarthone avec connection 3g et ça me permet de télécharger pas plus que 3Go avec le mème forfait. is a trade-free site