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14,368km (8,980m)
DIY Solar advice — Self proclaimed DIY Solar Install expert. After building full Solar System for our Motor-home and hours of research I can offer sound advice and shortcuts.
5,562km (3,476m)
tools — hammer various type and sizes
5,562km (3,476m)
step ladder — various working nights
6,494km (4,058m)
Crochet — I can teach you how to crochet, so you can make you own scarfs, socks, decoration etc.. I have hooks and yarn/wool..
6,494km (4,058m)
Sewing machine — You are very welcome to come by and borrow the sewing machine we have. It is an medium old reliable sewing machine, which can be used to repair and make both big and small projects
5,964km (3,727m)
Woodworking — I I can provide woodworking services including; simple chairs, cupboards, planters, benches and stools. I usually use pallet wood (as it is free and readily available) I can also provide lessons in this skill. Please contact me for more information and a portfolio.
6,629km (4,143m)
Werkzeug- u. Maschinenverleih, Beratung für DIY — verleihe diverse Werkzeuge und Maschinen. Einfach nachfragen! Für Holz- u. Metallbearbeitung, Elektronik, Druck- u. Werbetechnik. Zudem viel Fachbücher + ZS.
7,182km (4,488m)
REQUEST: Acoustics - bass horn design — I wish to construct huge sound horn for music bass sound spectrum maximum efficiency. i need assistance with design of such horn. I wish to make it part of music experience room / small hall.
3,788km (2,367m)
REQUEST: Help fixing my dehydrator — It's a rectangular dehydrator with pull-out trays. It makes a loud sound when turned on (it didn’t used to be that loud) and I feel like the fan doesn't blow air as efficiently as it could... it may need to be taken apart so we can get to its insides. I don’t know barely anything about this kind of machinery. I have sewing machine oil to lube up its internal parts, but beyond that I don't know what to do for it. I also don’t know how to take it apart. I have various types and sizes of screwdrivers, pliers... but if you have any tools you think would be helpful, please being them. Thanks!! It would be so great to get it functioning properly again. I would rather fix the one I have than try to get a new one.
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