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CA, United States (0.0 km)
Leather earrings
I am making leather earrings. They are leather feathers. Hand painted.
San Lucia de Tirajana, Spain (104.2 km)
Handmade Items Arts and Crafts Coaching
If you would like to learn to make any kind of arts/crafts to sell, I would love to share knowledge with you as to how to handcraft paper mache, miniatures, frames, sculptures, pottery, painting, model making, mirrors etc. Home manufacturing is the future and empowers everyone.
MI, United States (6058.5 km)
[REQUEST] Wanted: Business Partner for Free To Play Technology
We are making a US-based thought assistant and game to launch as a social network in 2020. If you are a special third person to our team looking for inspiration and commitment, you found it. A little bit about us: We are the first company to play white code without a screen or a console. We put it on our fingers and play a you instance in your space. The technology is clean and we have code friends to play with. I am looking for a business advice life partner to market (maybe free or invites too...) a new technology. Based out of Oberlin, Ohio but you work virtually. I am creative at making memes and code constantly but I don't have enough time to do the business aspects like bringing on more people or investors. If you are ready to go "I'm In" with an entrepreneur/revolutionary and a popular girl, we will consider working with you.
Oregon, United States (8071.2 km)
[REQUEST] Tomatoes for canning
Need more tomatoes for canning. Prefer meaty ones with lots of pulp for making pasta sauce
dubrovacko neretvanska, Croatia (6700.5 km)
travel services
Prozura Travel Agency is a leading company in United Kingdom which provide the best service of boat rentals for many years. We are recognized as the best in providing the boat and yacht service around the island of United Kingdom. We only focus on making your water trip smooth and adventurous.
PA, United States (5990.8 km)
Drum Circle Leader
I am offering to lead people in making merry sounds with all kinds of percussive implements. In your home, outside, maybe even parade around town.
Baden Württemberg, Germany (679.6 km)
[REQUEST] street musisions in spain
making musik and live in spain, on the street, at homes, in clubs, on festivals etc..
Baden Württemberg, Germany (679.6 km)
[REQUEST] streetmusisions in france
making musik and live in france on streets, homes, clubs, festivals etc..
Baden Württemberg, Germany (679.6 km)
[REQUEST] street musisions in italy
making musik in italy- in streets, at homes, in clubs, etc
San Lucia de Tirajana, Spain (2919.6 km)
[REQUEST] Eco Building Enthusiasts
We are looking for help for 2-3 days at a time in Mogan, Gran Canaria to build up a beautiful eco village that can feed and house planet-positive travellers. We are making example water filtration systems to demonstrate to the world eco principles.
Oregon, United States (8075.6 km)
[REQUEST] Bones (for making stock/bone broth)
Don’t throw throw those bones away, give them to me! Totally ok if they have come in contact with your mouth, as they will be boiled. Chicken bones, turkey bones, duck bones, beef bones, pig bones, sheep bones, goat bones... basically any “meat animal” bones except fish. Can be kept in the freezer until you are ready to part with them.
Oregon, United States (8073.8 km)
Potluck Dish
I will be making a delicious dish to share at our potluck!
or, United States (8073.4 km)
[REQUEST] Handyman craftsman for help with my tiny home
I need some help with my tiny home... here's some things that need to be done plumbing living room and kitchen cabinet making kitchen counters stairs designed and built
Oregon, United States (8073.8 km)
Structured Water
We have recently installed a Dynamically Enhanced Water Structuring unit from Natural Action. Structured Water is absorbed more easily by our cells at the molecular level, making mineral absorption and toxin elimination much more effective for greater health.
Leiden, Netherlands (351.7 km)
Online Bot
Can make a small , simple bot for your online business. So far has experience in making one for telegram,but not be a problem for any other messenger.