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5,917km (3,698m)
REQUEST: mechanic to fix my car(car shaking while driving)(fixed) — Need a mechanic to fix my car. car starts shaking after 50-60ml/h. roll bar joint tired, maybe bearing or some other issues. can pay the tyres was causing problems ,but change streaaring collumn only for 170£. found a part for 40£ on ebay(origalu cost 700£) super bargain.
5,917km (3,698m)
New tyre steel rim 15 195/50(sold on ebay for 45£) — New tyre steel rim 15 inch 195/50. 4 sprung. Never used. From my broken car ford fiesta. Only for trade-free person. thanks guys:)
5,917km (3,698m)
REQUEST: 4 tyres 15 inch 185/60 84h (got from ebay) — Looking for car 4 tyres 15 inch 158/60 84h. need fitting and balancing. Can pay. got from ebay with orginal alloy and tyres only for 120£
5,917km (3,698m)
Kids car electric(taken) — Kids car electric. Not working because need a new batteries. No charger(laptop carger you can use 12v ) no remote control. Conected to new batteries works fine. Taken for 21£.
5,929km (3,705m)
Free guitar Lessons — Free Guitar Lessons.
6,707km (4,192m)
Guitar Lessons (or just playing together) — Hey, if anyone wants to get some help to learn guitar (acoustic or electric...with plectrum only), just hit me up. If you play already for quite a while we can also just have a nice time playing music (e.g. playing open stages in Potsdam). :)
6,917km (4,323m)
cars — workshop manuals, technical advices etc.
6,397km (3,998m)
REQUEST: Piano lesson — a 88 key electric piano...i want to learn!
6,397km (3,998m)
Guitar Lessons beginner / Intermediate Rock/Pop — Beginner / Intermediate Rock/Pop..acoustic or electric.I can visit you locally too if you like...i have had experience teaching guitar before. I am english and my German is pretty poor!
7,282km (4,551m)
Electric drill — Low power (500W), has hammer function. Some drill bits are also availble. is a trade-free site